Monday, November 30, 2020

Imagine You are a black Teenager, and You Can Blame All black-Caused Problems on White People and Whites Will Suck Up to You, Right and Left!

By An Old Friend

N.S.: Have a gander at the pathetic, supportive comments from Whites.


OPINION EXCHANGE 572719461 Imagine you are a Black male teen in north Minneapolis

... walking down the street in your north Minneapolis neighborhood, afraid each step may be your last. Just like me. By Marcus Hunter II

OCTOBER 12, 2020 — 5:55PM

Imagine being looked down upon by your society [translation: by White people] as the aggressor in every situation.

Imagine not being able to step outside of your home without feeling as if you have a target on your back, fearing that you will be shot where you stand.

[Shot by whom? Not by a White policeman. The danger comes entirely from other blacks.]

Imagine that every time you walk down the street in a city you call home, you are constantly and anxiously looking over your shoulder, wondering if the next couple steps you take will be your last.

I am a 17-year-old, African American man [sic] with ambition and a determination to be heard and to stand up for his Black brothers and sisters collectively.

This is our reality every day in the United States of America.

[Racist liar! You and your black “brothers and sisters collectively” are the problem, and you cause it for Whites and Asians.]

Imagine watching the news or monitoring social media and seeing somebody who looks just like you being killed. You know that could be you in a body bag.

[“Being killed”? By whom? He’s talking about black street scum, some of whom (e.g., George Floyd) weren’t even killed by the police, and other black criminals who tried to kill policemen, and got their just deserts.]

Imagine watching your Black brothers and sisters being dehumanized in unimaginable ways, slammed onto the street by the police, covered in blood, pleading for mercy. This is your so-called protection, law enforcement, that you depend on for safety.

[What on Earth is he talking about? This is practically pornographic.]

Imagine feeling like the whole world is against your prosperity and facing constant reminders that you will never succeed in life.

[Whites do nothing but help scum like this kid. It is blacks who seek to harm you.]

Picture the following: You’re walking down the street of your own neighborhood headed to the gas station or grocery store. You are not bothering anyone and your only focus is getting to your destination. You come across a group of Black men at a stop sign on the way to the store.

As you are walking toward them they stare you down intently. You are stopped. One of them comes forward and asks you, “Who you with, what’s yo’ set.”

[Then why do you blame Whites for your problems? You are as phony as a three-dollar bill.]

You have no response. Nervousness and fear kick in. You do not have an answer to give to the man questioning you.

“I’m not with all that,” you say.

Moments like those drown your mind and consciousness in a pool of fear, scarring you emotionally. Giving the wrong answer in moments like these can cost you your human dignity, or your life.

[But you support that world, so shut up!]

Going to school as an African American male is a very different experience in today’s society. I come from a family in which the highest academic achievement is a high school diploma. So there was not much discussion of an educational future.

[Different than what? Your sentence was ungrammatical, due to its dishonesty.]

Growing up, I’ve used academic achievement and accolades, working toward success — “making it out” and using school as an outlet to escape the struggle and adversity I face every day. We are faced with the reality of our Blackness and what comes with it on many occasions.

[But you’re not terribly bright. Your academic “accolades” are the stuff of inflated grades due to affirmative action--more black privilege.]

I am grateful for the rare opportunity to attend a private high school. But, in that context, I feel very different from my peers, especially coming from the experience of poverty throughout my childhood. I have a constant feeling that I am alone and that I do not belong. I was not granted the same tools and opportunities that people who do not look like me were given. [If only. You live a life of cradle-to-grave black privilege. It is White boys who are disadvantaged.] It’s made me feel very different from those around me. I’ve felt excluded from certain conversations because of the experiences that I missed out on due to the disadvantages that come with being Black and poor.

[He’s not excluded from anything.]

I face the constant reminder that I am not good enough to live a life in America. To be Black is emotionally and mentally draining on levels that are unexplainable. [He’s full of it. If it were real, he could explain it.] We are in a so-called “free society,” where I have never truly experienced freedom. [black rhetorical bombast.] I do not feel free. I do not know what freedom is. I am afraid of the world I live in, afraid of what will happen to me tomorrow. Every day I wake up to these thoughts and I go to sleep with them.

[If he truly lived with such fears, he could never bring himself to write this pathetic, racist rant.]

It angers me that I have younger cousins who have to experience constant gunshots in my North Side neighborhood. [But the shooters are all black!] It angers me that they will have to go through the same process of experiencing the weight of their Blackness.

These are things that run through my mind constantly. [The only thing that runs through your mind constantly, is your baseless, obsessive, racist hatred of Whites.] These are things that are a part of me. I cannot escape. How can you ever get a break when you feel like your race is being hunted and you feel like a target is on your back every time you step out into the world?

Imagine all of these things; imagine it was your reality.

[I don’t have to imagine anything. I live in a society dominated by black supremacists like marcus hunter ii, and their White “allies.”]

Marcus Hunter II lives in Minneapolis.

October 12

Marcus, this is a very well written piece. I am sorry you have all this weight on your shoulders. If I may, would you please look up Candace Owens, Larry Elder and Brandon Tatum, and review some of what they are saying about their Blackness? You may get a little different narrative that is worthy of your time and consideration. I hope you and your family can indeed find the justice and peace you all deserve. All of MN is cheering for your inevitable successes.


Thanks to Marcus and to Realty. I too am rooting for Marcus

October 13

i can’t tell if you’re using the “Black on Black crime” argument or not.. but assuming u are, u should know that EVERY race is much more likely to murder someone of their own race. Using “what about Black on Black crime?” is used to justify or dismiss violence towards Black men and it’s not even a valid point. But if i misread your comment and you were just saying that people are more likely to kill within their race that’s my bad have a great day


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