Wednesday, November 25, 2020

A Holiday Message from Andy Rooney

By Grands Rapids Anonymous
Wednesday, November 25, 2020 at 4:27:00 A.M. EST

Did You Ever Wonder What Keeps Andy Rooney Awake at Night? (Besides Itchy Chicken Feathers)

November 25,2020-2 A.M.: I can’t sleep—and it isn’t a good thing for a reincarnated rooster to have a case of insomnia. I need to be ready in about four hours to wake up the family on this farm in Kansas—the place that’s currently serving as my home—and being sleep-deprived doesn’t help me in my efforts to perform my job as a cheap alarm clock.

I think there’s one thing in particular keeping me awake tonight:

What the hell are we going to do about Joe Biden? I’ve covered many presidents over the years, and there have been all types of men who won election to our highest office. From the decisiveness of Harry Truman, to the lack of it by Jimmy Carter. From the charismatic John F. Kennedy to the average-ness of Gerald Ford. We liked Ike, but couldn’t stand Nixon. But I never—ever believed that an individual could be elected President of the United States, when the majority of that person’s brain cells have permanently “gone fishin,’” taken the “A train” to Stupidville, are continuously going for a long walk on a short pier or have morphed into something as useless as a tricycle in an Indy 500 race. That’s exactly what we have with Joe Biden.

We haven’t been very lucky with our presidents lately, have we?

George “W” Bush is the prime example of a recent POTUS, whom I consider to be in the same category of moron as Biden has shown himself to be. In 2008, I was convinced, “W” would go down as the worst president the USA would see in my lifetime— but I was wrong. Obama followed.

Strictly on smarts, though, if Biden and Bush were playing The Weakest Link game show, host Jane Lynch would be compelled to ask the two of them the following questions:

“Which of you had an IQ test that came back negative?”

“Whose brain is illegally parked?”

The answer is...both of them.

Their mental acuities are in a neck-and-neck race to the “dips**t finish line.”

What’s the difference between them? Bush (and Obama) are in the past—we survived their administrations (barely). Biden is in our future. When you consider what you want for Christmas this year, wish that America survives a Biden presidency.

Personally, I was wishing for Trump to win re-election, but my track record for receiving what I want at Christmas is very poor—in fact, I never received the one gift I’ve ALWAYS wanted to see under my Christmas tree since 1957
--Sophia Loren.

I hope she doesn’t show up now.

So on this Thanksgiving Eve, I can only say I’m thankful to be able to type this essay, and also to be a chicken, instead of a turkey.

In closing, I’d like to offer the following: In spite of everything—including Coronavirus, I wish the NSU readers the very best holidays you can possibly have.

I’m Andy Rooney.



Anonymous said...

Of course,I didn't mean to exclude our host N.S. from the holiday wishes--the very best to you and your family-this year--and for many years to come.Thank you for posting this and putting in the large amount of time that I know it takes to bring us the truth on a daily basis and make this a great blogsite.
--GRA and Andy Rooney

Anonymous said...

Never understood why anyone pays attention to Andy Rooney. Defeatism accomplishes nothing. Bannon believes the election will go to the House and, barring Republican traitors, that should give Trump the election. But even if cowardly traitor globalist Republicans fail to fight for and vote for Trump, it is silly to think Biden is the future. The senile Biden will quickly be replaced with the full-blown Marxist, Kommie Kamala.

Anonymous said...

"That’s exactly what we have with Joe Biden."

Better to have a President with a brain who makes bad decisions or a President without a brain who cannot make a decision.

Jill will decide I guess.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Sounds the spirit of Andy entered the body of GRA!

I don't know if others remember, but one of my most vivid memories of Andy is when he apologized for comments he made about Kurt Cobain. A rant along the lines of: Why would somebody so young kill themselves, they should try being old and see how that feels and seeing young people on TV depressed and crying about Kurt's death...

There was a predictable firestorm from the snowflakes and Andy was excoriated by people who told him he didn't understand depression and was being insensitive yada yada...following week he apologized on air for what he said.

As someone who has been touched directly by youth suicide and understands just how terrible it can be for families, I don't take the slightest offense at what he said. Mainly because he was absolutely right.

Unfortunately, I can't find the original clip online but from what I recall of it Andy wasn't attacking Kurt Cobain personally for what he did but satirizing a cultural attitude that makes youth depression seem "chic" and encourages them to take the privilege of their youth and quality of life for granted. Of course, Andy is a curmudgeon and doesn't mince words, which never sits well with snowflakes who can't deal with direct talk and actual truth. The kind of cultural attitudes Andy was calling out is an aspect of leftist ideology so they counter attack and do everything possible to silence you. It doesn't matter to them if it results in even more kids committing suicide.

Andy's Wiki page references the controversy:

Nicholas said...


Thank you, and God bless you and yours. I thank my lucky stars on a regular basis that I have you and the rest of my stable of gifted correspondents donating their talents to this blog.

Anonymous said...

"If seventy percentage of the crime as committed in the USA is committed by blacks I would expect seventy percent of the persons in prison to be black. " Andy Rooney.

Hard to argue with that.