Tuesday, November 24, 2020

News Alert: Open Borders Top Biden Preview of First 100 days

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News Alert: Immigration, Executive Action Top Biden Preview of First 100 Days

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News Alert

Immigration, executive action top Biden preview of first 100 days
President-elect Joe Biden said Tuesday that he planned to use his first 100 days in office to take action on an immigration bill, roll back the President Trump's executive orders on the environment and send assistance to state and local governments.
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Anonymous said...

You see the video of the running of the bulls in Pamplona?Stretch that scene out for weeks/months as the Mex pour in.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Been through this debate with many an "environmentalist"...They somehow think that open borders and environmentalism are two issues that are somehow in alignment with each other, then I bring up overpopulation and the fact that the mass influx of high birth rate 3rd worlders has the the population of the United States set to double in 50 or so years, 70-80 yrs. we'll be in the range of a billion. Those people will not be white but mostly of African, Asian or Latino descent. Whatever Biden does "positive" for the environment will mean nothing when there are 700 million more consumers in this country...not to mention around another 3 billion or so more in China and India.

Anonymous said...


Did You ever wonder what keeps Andy Rooney Awake At Night?(Besides Itchy Chicken Feathers)

November 25,2020-2AM: I can't sleep--and it isn't a good thing for a reincarnated rooster to have a case of insomnia.I need to be ready in about 4 hours to wake up the family on this farm in Kansas--the place that's currently serving as my home--and being sleep deprived doesn't help me in my efforts to perform my job as a cheap alarm clock.

I think there's one thing in particular keeping me awake tonight:

What the hell are we going to do about Joe Biden?I've covered many presidents over the years and there have been all types of men who won election to our highest office.From the decisiveness of Harry Truman,to the lack of it by Jimmy Carter.From the charismatic John F Kennedy to the average-ness of Gerald Ford.We liked Ike,but couldn't stand Nixon.But I never--ever believed that an individual could be elected President of the United States,when the majority of that person's brain cells have permanently "gone fishin' ",taken the "A train" to Stupidville,are continuously going for a long walk on a short pier or have morphed into something as useless as a tricycle in an Indy 500 race.That's exactly what we have with Joe Biden.

We haven't been very lucky with our presidents lately,have we?

George "W" Bush is the prime example of a recent POTUS,who I consider to be in the same category of moron as Biden has shown himself to be.In 2008,I was convinced,"W" would go down as the worst president the USA would see in my lifetime--but I was wrong.Obama followed.

Strictly on smarts though,if Biden and Bush were playing "The Weakest Link" game show,host Jane Lynch would be compelled to ask the two of them the following questions:

"Which of you had an IQ test that came back negative?"

"Whose brain is illegally parked?"

The answer is...both of them.

Their mental acuities are in a neck and neck race to the "dipsh*t finish line".

What's the difference between them?Bush(and Obama)are in the past--we survived their administrations(barely).Biden is in our future.When you consider what you want for Christmas this year,wish that America survives a Biden presidency.

Personally,I was wishing for Trump to win re-election,but my track record for receiving what I want at Christmas is very poor--in fact,I never received the one gift I've ALWAYS wanted to see under my Christmas tree since 1957
--Sophia Loren.

I hope she doesn't show up now.

So on this Thanksgiving Eve,I can only say I'm thankful to be able to type this essay and also to be a chicken instead of a turkey.

In closing,I'd like to offer the following: in spite of everything--including coronavirus,I wish the NSU readers the very best holidays you can possibly have.

I'm Andy Rooney.


Anonymous said...

Mostly open borders now and has been for decades. Now going to be worse.