Sunday, November 29, 2020

It's a black Thing; You Wouldn't Understand

By An Old Friend
Sat, Nov 28, 2020 1:12 p.m.

He's black, of course ....

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Anonymous said...

(MLive)ALLEN PARK -- There are more than a couple of stories of ex-Lions coach Matt Patricia rubbing players the wrong way during his two-plus seasons in Detroit. Well, it turns out those former players were ready to dish something back nearly the moment news broke that Patricia and Lions general manager Bob Quinn were relieved of their duties in Detroit.

Former All-Pro Lions cornerback Darius Slay has not been shy since getting traded to Philadelphia in the offseason, and that didn’t change on Saturday. Slay has gone public with his feelings for Patricia before, even saying he didn’t respect him as a person. For those in the dark, Slay posted a photo of himself guarding star receiver Odell Beckham on social media, and Patricia tried embarrass him for it early in his tenure in Detroit.

Other formers Lions players to join in on the reaction to Patricia and Quinn’s dismissal were defensive tackle A’Shawn Robinson, edge defender Ezekiel “Ziggy” Ansah, tight end Eric Ebron and linebacker Stephen Tulloch--among others. We’ll run through reactions below, some were pointed at the former coach or general manager, while others focused on the future of the franchise:

GRA:According to the black players,Patricia worked them too hard,insulted them when they made mistakes--"sometimes with foul language(not the "n" word)."

Patricia came in heralded as a Bill Belichek genius protege,but according to stories I read through,"got off on the wrong foot with certain(all black)players."

A few,like Darius Slay--an all-Pro db--were traded.Patricia wanted his players to be tough and play smart.He demanded fit players,but the ex-players were quoted today as saying,"we were too tired to play the game."

All the complaining players were black--there was definitely a clash of styles--blacks rebelling against a White coach,I theorize,after a black coach,Jim Caldwell was fired 3 years ago.Caldwell was massively supported by blacks.

Patricia believed the players he inherited were "too soft" and traded those who objected to his style of hard work.

A'Shawn Robinson said,"you get what you deserve."

The racial angle to this is unmistakable--black Lion's players resented Caldwell being replaced with a White coach--and as Patricia found out--if you don't kiss black a** as a White coach,they will get you fired.

Another reason to avoid watching and supporting NFL football in current times.