Friday, November 27, 2020

With Vertical Farming, the Sky's the Limit! America Can Go Beyond Matthew Yglesias' Dystopian Hopes, and House 2 Billion, even 3 Billion Low-IQ, Low-VQ Third-Worlders

By R.C.

Fri, Nov 27, 2020 11:05 pm

The company's method for growing greens, like baby kale and lettuce, on giant vertical racks moved around by robotics recently garnered $400 million in investment capital from the likes of SoftBank, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, and former Google chairman Eric S

R.C.: So, no more need for yard workers?

N.S.: And yet, we need to import billions of 'em!


Anonymous said...

That's interesting because where I live there are lots of trees, lots of leaves. I see Central Americans with leaf blowers pushing the leaves around and doing other yard work. Why can't Americans get paid to do these jobs? I wonder if it's the MS-13 or some other Central American mafia recruiting these illegal aliens to invade our country.

I was in Astoria. Who do I see working? Lots of Indian, Pakistani, Bengali security guards. lots of Mexicans and Central Americans. I don't see Americans working in the stores.

I was on the subway, it's all short brown people from Central America and Mexico, all the seats full. They have jobs, they have cars and apartments, but Americans are out of work.
I was by a church giving away second hand clothing and children's equipment and toys. One or two white mothers were there, but otherwise all third world women the majority being Spanish speaking. I know that once an illegal is pregnant, she hits the government benefit jackpot for housing, medical insurance, food stamps WIC and cash.

I would have been more than happy to see a wall built and laws enacted to protect the American worker from the narco traffickers pets and employees invading the USA. There is no one looking out for the average American worker. NO ONE. The unions are infiltrated and over run with the illegals.

Please erase the need for these illegals and send them all home. Anything that would stop them from taking all the jobs, I am for.

Anonymous said...

Many Whites are being pushed aside from a variety of jobs.Just look at the police departments in our bigger cities:You can't be White and be a police chief--or a city manager--though a White chief does the job 100 times better than a black,but job performance doesn't matter.

What are Whites being hired to do?Train Mex and blacks to replace them.My cousin was hired by a quasi-government business to teach Mex how to succeed in the U.S.A. without really trying.They're shown videos,receive assistance and counseling on ways to use the system to their advantage.

I told my cousin,"you're helping Mex take over the country."She says,"I"m an idealist--I want to help them."
We hardly talk anymore since she took that job about 6 months ago.She works in a horrible section of the city--I expect one day to learn that she was attacked while walking to her car--which I've warned her about--many blacks and Mex around her building and 6 blocks either side of it.

But that's about all Whites are good for--and fixing roads,telephone and utility poles etc.

Anonymous said...

1 billion. 2 billion. Pretty soon you gotta whole lotta billions.