Monday, November 30, 2020

Making History: Failed, Affirmative Action Vanderbilt Football Coach, Derek Mason, Lets Girl Kick Off, in Hopes of Saving His Job

By Nicholas Stix

When Mason put Sarah Fuller in to make the second-half opening kickoff, Vandy was losing to Mizzou 21-0, on its way to a 41-0 blowout and an 0-8 record.

She had a holder (like for a PAT or field goal, but not for a kickoff), made a 27-yard squib kick, and immediately ran off the field, even though a real kicker has to cover on run-backs. But she wasn’t a real kicker, even though she’s plenty tall (>officially 6’2”; no weight given). But she’s a girl.

And she was oh-so-proud of herself!


Sarah Fuller: “I just want to tell like all the girls out there: You can really do anything you set your mind to. Like, you really can.”

Like. You can’t. So, she’s a liar, too.

There was real news, but the sports “experts” largely ignored it. As numerous Youtube commenters asked, where are the interviews with the guy from Buffalo who scored eight touchdowns and ran for 409 yards?

That would be Jaret Patterson. And he won the game, 70-41, for his team, Buffalo, against Kent State! (Granted, we're not talking about college football powerhouses here.) Unfortunately, the sports business has been taken over by people for whom winning doesn't matter.

Derek Mason was clearly doing this as a publicity stunt, in order to save his job. Maybe he thought the campus feminists would demand that black Vandy Athletic Director Candice Storey Lee save him, after almost seven years (27-50) of failure. But no such luck. Vanderbilt fired Mason yesterday.

Coach Derek Mason is not to be confused with longtime NFL standout wide receiver, Derrick Mason.

@Quex Bull. N.S.: Any player on the football team could have kicked it farther than her. Heck, I could kick it farther than her when I was her age, and she's much taller than me.

Derek Mason’s statement: It has truly been my honor to have been given the opportunity to teach, mentor, champion and coach hundreds of Vanderbilt young men and one courageous female.”  

Vanderbilt Girl Kicker Sarah Fuller Kicks Off against Missouri


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“Vanderbilt K Sarah Fuller makes history to be the first woman to play in a power five college football game.”

Benjamin Isip 1 day ago
And the crowd goes mild!

Ben Berzai 19 hours ago
If you want a picture of the future, imagine a female foot squibbing a kickoff forever.

Ephie Hymer 18 hours ago

"Sara did well enough to become the only kicker on the team." Me: so literally no one tried out? No quad amputees with a dream? No 85yr old men trying to regain their youth? No 50yr olds with a mid-life crisis?.....just this!?

Ronnie Heyman 7 hours ago
Rumor has it they wanted to make it a female tandem with a female holder as well but they didn't trust Lucy from The Peanuts Gang.

Shawn Jenkins 8 hours ago
@Kyle Barney Because 1) she wasn’t qualified to have the opportunity 2) there were at least 500 male students that WERE qualified to sub in, and they discriminated against them to allow her to play dress-up

Alexander S 12 hours ago
Every woman’s a feminist... until they’re on the Titanic

Glenn Hynes 1 day ago
Next? Let her play running back.

Pope Toby 8 hours ago
She couldn't break the glass ceiling, the ball didn't get that high.

Booby Prize for Analogies

@sv s “it wasn't a long kick, but still it was historic just as the Wright Brothers first flight wasn't a long one (it covered about 120 feet).”

N.S.: The folks who removed analogies from the SAT did it for the intellectually challenged, like you. There needs to be a booby prize for bad analogies like that.

James Thomas 1 day ago
@Jakob Parsons Vanderbilt discontinued their mens soccer program in 2006, citing Title IX limitations.

Miles McCall 1 day ago
The announcer says "I got chills", no that's called cringing bruh.

Mike Maroyi 1 day ago
He need that paycheck

Mike Milly 1 day ago
His boss definitely wrote that line

Ravishing Beast 1 day ago
Announcers sold out their collective manhood for the cause. "We're witnessing history" actually speaks to the level of bulls--t men are willing to say to bow to the PC culture. A real announcer would have called it for what it was -- a walk-on female publicity stunt.

Ravishing Beast 18 hours ago
@Justin Dorsch I really think, looking back, that the announcers and the crowd all got amped up and expected her to boom the s--t out of it. The crowd went silent as soon as the kick left her foot. The announcers were left holding the bag. They been got.

Leroy fotted 18 hours ago
The announcer is a virtue-signaling pu--y

Justin Dorsch 17 hours ago
Everybody is just becoming a snowflake

Bfr74vz 17 hours ago
What a joke.

Justin Dorsch 16 hours ago
@Bfr74vz it's a big joke women can't play football

Personal Account 11 hours ago
That commentator is such a wimp. Should get a guy in there to call it as is. Chills...smh 🙄

Personal Account 11 hours ago
@Ravishing Beast ESPN/SEC network lost their man card when they handed Bruce Jenner an ESPY for wearing a dress. 🤦🏻‍♂‍

benny pitt 1 day ago
An 0-8 record, hasn't won a game all year, in last place, in a 41-0 blowout, she made a kick that would usually get a kicker benched... the ball didn't even travel 30 yards. Check out the VT game about a month back where the kicker did the same thing(ball actually traveled about 3 or 4 more yards), the announcer said and I quote, "That's one he would like to have back, maybe he was just practicing an onside kick since they've have limited practice time", 'Yeah, that was what he was doing" said the other announcer then they both chuckled.

Nathan 13 hours ago
@CammedLS3 he will have plenty of time to worry about social justice now. He was fired today 😂

Rags Riches 1 day ago
That is because she was a woman playing for a power 5 college. I understand the hate about the kick. But you do realize that she is more accomplished than most of you here. She won a national championship in Womens soccer. So give her resepect

Nicholas Stix 18 seconds ago (edited)
@Rags Riches She did something insufferably stupid. So, no, she gets no respect from me. And no, she is not more accomplished than I am. That's two stupid statements you made.

benny pitt 1 day ago
But notice how the headlines aren't Vandy in last place who has yet to win a game all year is 0-8 and just got blown out 41-0 by a .500 team. No, now the headline is Historic day for Vandy football. Pretty clever actually, that coaching staff just bought themselves at least 1 more year, no way in heII they can fire the coaching staff now after this.

[N.S.: That’s surely what they thought would happen.]

Ben Dover 1 day ago
Good thing Vandy only kicks off once or twice per game

Matt manning 1 day ago
She called an onside kick audible because damn the Patriarchy coaching staff🤣

Ting Tingnoy 19 hours ago
I would like to thank Make a Wish foundation for making this happen.

ITS OK TO BE WHITE xD 18 hours ago
Came for the virtue.

Stayed for the signal.

Ocra Joe 1 day ago
My daughter is 21 now, a soldier, and graduated number 1 in her class. She’s a badass just like her, because she doesn’t let ANYTHING get in her way! Damn good look!

Nicholas Stix 1 second ago
Ocra Joe Sorry to have to break this to you, Joe, but your little girl is no soldier.

Mikevdog 22 hours ago
Best 5th string pandemic girl kicker in the history of football.

hayward022 1 day ago
She silenced the crowd.

Throw communists out of helicopters 1 day ago
When I played varsity high school football, our 5 foot 4 kicker could do better than that. What a nightmare world we live in now

munch my butt 1 day ago
This is as stupid as letting a woman be a firefighter or a police officer

pete49327 36 minutes ago (edited)
The back of her helmet literally says "Play Like a Girl".... Looks like Vandy found em a kicker that dovetails perfectly with this year's team.

dvdfrnzwbr 1 day ago
She was smiling and full of glee in her post game interview after losing in a 41-0 shutout

Katie Mauer 1 day ago
to hear her pat herself on the back in the post game interview is even MORE pathetic

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Anonymous said...

And afterwards,the black players took turns on her.She's isn't a trailblazer--just delusional--and an affirmative action beneficiary in the category of "unqualified woman wasting everyone's time".