Saturday, November 28, 2020

Exclusive: Time's Up for Time's Up: Star-Studded Charity was a Scam that Spent Big on Salaries, Little on Helping Victims

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Exclusive: Star-Studded Time's Up Charities Spent Big on Salaries, Little on Helping Victims

N.S.: There's a certain symmetry here. Time's Up was born of the Me-Too Hoax, in which Hollywood and news media designing women launched civil and criminal hoaxes against powerful White men, and destroyed their lives. Who tends to be attracted to such con-artists, but other con-artists.

And anyone who gave money to these crooks did so with the worst of intentions: Here, let me finance the feminist terror against more innocent White men.


Exclusive: Star-studded Time's Up charities spent big on salaries, little on helping victims
Hollywood's "Time's Up" organization, set up to fight sexual harassment, spent the bulk of...
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NOV 28, 2020




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Anonymous said...

Almost all charities are fraud. Big money taken in but very little ever gets to the persons in need. Most of the money used to pay executive salaries and perks.