Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Racist Bill de Blasio's Law Enforcement Priorities: He Issues Carte Blanche to black Cut-Throats to Constantly Commit Attempted Murder against White Subway Riders, but Has Zero Toleance for White Swingers

By "W"
Mon, Nov 23, 2020 3:11 p.m.

Queens, NY: Law Enforcement Priorities

"W": Can't safeguard subway riders...but can go after swinger party participants:




Anonymous said...

The difference:Whites might accidentally reproduce at a swingers party,but could easily get killed on a subway.Quite logical,Mr.Spock.

Anonymous said...

(The headline is a lie - the attack was provoked, the 'provocation' being the skin color of the victim: that - and that alone - was sufficient).

Another one yesterday (Mon 11/23) on a very busy platform/station, during the morning rush (9:15): these attacks are now occurring daily - in the middle of the work day - in full view of many witnesses. There is ZERO passive deterrence anymore to these crimes.
This is nothing less than a pogrom against whatever lower-middle and working class whites still depend on the subway for their livelihoods.
This is with the full support (no matter what shit they may say otherwise) of the entire racist, Marxist cabal 'in charge' of NYC: DeBlasio, Cuomo, the NY State Assembly that voted for the genocidal 'no-bail' law that ushered in this unprecedented subway violence, don't lose a minute sleep over any of these victims - all white (or 'white enough').
It is a matter of statistical certainty that someone will be killed soon enough: 472 stations, 842 track miles - impossible to police effectively.
You are more likely to see a vision of the Virgin Mary than a NYC cop on a damn train today.

Anonymous said...

I guess this was all part of the Wilhelm boy taking measures to stop the spread of the virus.

Anonymous said...

If that had been a group of homosexual men molesting one another nothing would have been done. And no condoms either.