Friday, November 27, 2020

Man Facing Murder One, after Aurora Stabbing Victim Dies on Thanksgiving (Colorado Crime Report)

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Colorado Crime Report: Man Facing First-Degree Murder Charges after Aurora Stabbing Victim Dies on Thanksgiving

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Man facing first-degree murder charges after Aurora stabbing victim dies on Thanksgiving

A suspect accused of stabbing a man on Nov. 19 in Aurora is facing first-degree murder charges after the victim died on Thanksgiving Day.
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Plane crash near Telluride airport kills two

"We have not identified the two victims as of this time," San Miguel County Sheriff Bill Masters said. "It's a really unfortunate Thanksgiving Day tragedy."
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Recount ordered in 18th Judicial District Attorney race after threshold missed by 5 votes

Due to five votes, the race to become the next district attorney in the state's largest judicial district will go to a mandatory recount.
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Denver officers, Adams County sheriff deputies justified in shooting and killing man who held woman hostage in backyard, DA says

Two Denver police officers and three Adams County deputies were justified in shooting and killing a 33-year-old man in September who allegedly fired at officers during a high-speed car chase before holding a woman hostage at gunpoint, Denver District Attorney Beth McCann said in a news release.
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52-year-old charged in Grand County with shooting death of fellow hunter

A 52-year-old hunter has been charged in the shooting death of a fellow hunter, a member of his own hunting party.
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Teen shot in leg Sunday night in Aurora by younger family member

A 16-year-old was shot in the leg on Sunday night by a 14-year-old family member, according to Aurora police
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Man fired flare into fuel-soaked car near Denver police station

DENVER — A man was arrested on suspicion of reckless endangerment and arson on Sunday after firing a flare gun into his car, which was holding items soaked with gasoline, outside a Denver police station, police said.
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Two Denver officers justified in shooting death of man armed with handgun

Two Denver police officers who shot at man brandishing a handgun at people in an SUV, and who then turned the gun toward the officers, will not face criminal charges in the fatal shooting.
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Man dies after being shot multiple times in Thornton

Thornton police are investigating a case in which a man was shot multiple times Friday night, resulting in his death.
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Mountain View police seek three for breaking into cannabis businesses

The group is driving a dark blue stolen Jeep Liberty — license plate DBF646 — with hail dents and heavy damage to the left rear quarter.
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Anonymous said...

GRA:Wyoming adjoins Grand Rapids on the south--a suburb,if you will.
WYOMING, Mich. (WOOD) — Wyoming police are searching for a masked gunman who killed a woman along a busy street just after noon on Friday.

The 34-year-old woman was walking down the sidewalk along Burton Street SW at Alba Avenue, just west of Clyde Park, when the gunman opened fire. Police hadn’t released the victim’s name.

Neighbors up and down the residential stretch of Burton said they heard up to a half-dozen shots.

A man who didn’t want to be identified told News 8 he was pulling out of a nearby driveway with his wife when the sound of gunfire caught their attention.

“We heard one pop, we both looked that way and we saw a person in dark clothes and a hoodie, aiming at someone and pulling a trigger about five or six times,” he said.

Police said the suspect, between 5-foot-10 and 6-foot-2, was wearing a dark blue hooded sweatshirt and a blue face mask. They had no other description.

“We saw him run down that street there toward the north (on Alba Avenue),” the witness told News 8.

The witness’ wife called 911.
(GRA:White witness talked to the TV crew with only his shoes visible.)

One neighbor said the shots woke him from a nap in his home across the street.

“I come out here and there’s somebody lying face down,” said Darius Sandusky. “It’s more shocking than anything. This neighborhood used to be so nice, quiet. Now, it’s just like in broad daylight somebody’s getting shot the day after Thanksgiving.”

He said he was also disturbed when he saw some passersby stopping to take photos with their phones.

“You’re recording somebody face down, dying, all for some clicks on YouTube or on their social media platforms?” he said. “It’s a little ridiculous right there.”

Police said they’re still trying to learn what led up to the shooting.
GRA:As of now no ID of the vic--we assume blackie executed the woman(who might very well be White--this being a mixed neighborhood.)

Anonymous said...

Denver used to be thought as a nice city. Evidently no longer.