Monday, November 30, 2020

Illegally Segregated CBC Demands black Defense Secretary

By A Friend
Mon, Nov 30, 2020 5:57 p.m.

CBC Pushes for black Defense Secretary


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Anonymous said...

I nominate former Chicago Chief of Police,Eddie("the Sleeper")Johnson,who was "fired" after being found drunk in a police car--sound asleep.
Then,as all blacks do--cop or criminal(or both,as here)--when caught doing something illegal,he lied.But it was close to retirement day,so Johnson was allowed to resign--which means he's available to be the "Secketary of Dee-fense" right NOW--as Grady(Whitman Mayo) would say on "Sanford and Son".

"Just want some White interns and some booze and I be all set,"said Eddie."Don't even want any pay."

Joe Biden is said to be considering Johnson,in between taking in-house lessons of "How to Play With Your Dog Without Breaking Your Leg(s),"from famous dog trainer Cesar Millan("The Dog Whisperer".)

Million explains:

"At age 78,as Mr.Biden says he is,you must cover your legs up,so that the dog doesn't think your tibia is a bone to be buried in the backyard.Dogs latch on and can pull a man of that age down a stairwell,causing broken or fractured feet and legs.Woody Allen has that problem."

"I also told President-to-be Biden,that if your playing fetch with a dog,remember to let go of the ball when you throw it--that's VERY important.Mr.Biden thanked me for that last hint and walked away--tripping on a shoe,two pair of underwear,a golf cart,a train set,a litter box,the New York Times Sunday edition and Kamala Harris.

"I'm not really starting out on the right foot-am I?"Biden said seriously--before heading for the basement with said right foot secure in a boot.