Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Sidney Powell’s “Kraken” is DOD Cyberwarfare Program! We are at War!

By R.C.
Tue, Nov 24, 2020 7:40 p.m.

Sidney Powell’s “Kraken” is DOD Cyberwarfare Program! We are at War! – The Marshall Report




Anonymous said...

"As he explains it, the CIA, FBI and DOJ(GRA:Throw in the Supreme Court as well) are all treasonous swamp creatures who are dedicated to bringing down America, stealing the election, and imprisoning all the real patriots such as Gen. Flynn (and Roger Stone). Meanwhile, certain sectors of special forces operations and now Chris Miller as Acting Defense Secretary, are all aligned with Trump, the Constitution and defending America against its enemies, both foreign and domestic."
GRA:I agree--it's that pervasive,so how is one lawyer,an acting Secretary of Defense and a President that globalists have wanted out for four years,going to change this election?
Answer:They won't.
If there was an actual monitoring procedure WHILE votes were being tabulated,only then could proof be verified.I'd like to believe it,but this like fighting city hall--and you know how that turns out 99.9% of the time.

Anonymous said...

Been going to give the details for weeks now. I am waiting.

Anonymous said...

The fact that Trump won the nomination and was elected president shows that some CAN fight "city hall" and win. Don't bet against him.
Plenty of evidence--start with the hearing in Gettysburg--and stop paying attention to the mainstream Marxist media which refuses to hear evidence and then claims there is none.