Wednesday, November 25, 2020

The Dog that Didn’t Bark: The msm, Crime, and Race

By David in TN

There is a dynamic to msm coverage (or non-coverage) of black crime. The msm makes a National Morality Play out of Laci and Scott Peterson, also Casey Anthony and the Natalee Holloway affair. In these everybody involved was White.

On the other hand, the only black-on-White murder to ever be a National Morality Play was the O.J. Simpson farce. And in that one, the msm made the White LAPD detective into the villain. Even before Mark Furhman became the story, the msm picked away at the evidence, and never admitted the case against Simpson was overwhelming.

Some liberals whine that “only dead pretty White girls get coverage.” Well, yes. A pretty, White girl victim gets big coverage when the suspect looks like Scott Peterson or Joran van der Sloot. When the suspects look like Lemaricus Davidson and Eric Boyd, the story is local only.

Ironically, this is why black-on-black murders get little or no national coverage. They would have to show the suspect.



Anonymous said...

Dogs don't bark,blacks don't kill,Whites commit horrific crimes,Mex are law abiding good neighbors,Trump is Hitler,Biden is "a uniter"--on and on it goes,where it stops,only Brian Roberts of NBC/Comcast knows--and Lesta Holt.

Anonymous said...

"why black-on-black murders get little or no national coverage."

A mane killed a mane. When they don't give the race of the suspect they are giving us the race of the suspect.