Monday, January 25, 2021

Why the Ruling Elites Came to Fear Trump (Glenn Greenwald)

By “W”


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Anonymous said...

Fear?They had him trapped from day one--under constraints from the threat of impeachment as he took the oath of office--the GOP held the actual Sword of Damocles over him--he needed their acquittal votes,so while he hated the RINOs,he couldn't start his own party--even though it's all semantics--that's how the game was played.

No fear.

Then they decided it was time to get rid of Trump--easy.

No fear.

Only a million or more angry citizens visiting D.C. would invoke fear.Looks like we've gone past that stage--acceptance has rapidly occurred.

No fear--except by those of us who can see the probably future outcome of what's being put in place now.