Tuesday, January 26, 2021

“Freak” Injury Takes Out Yet Another White Athlete; Tell Me Again, Why Whites Support the nba?

By Jerry PDX
Tuesday, January 26, 2021 at 3:07:00 P.M. EST

Celtics Rookie Payton Pritchard Just Suffered Yet Another One of Those “Freak” Injuries that Dog White Athletes Who Play with black supremacists



Philadelphia 39 Center Dwight Howard (6’10, 265) pushed Boston 7 shooting guard Jaylen Brown (6’6,” 223) into Brown’s teammate, rookie point guard 11 Payton Pritchard (6’1,” 195), causing the “freak” injury.

N.S. youtube comment: Well, White players sure seem to suffer a lot of “freak” injuries caused by black players rolling into them. Racist hate crime attack?


“Freak” Injury Takes Out Another White Athlete

Jerry PDX: I’ve been watching Peyton Pritchard because he’s a local kid who made it to the NBA, and other than Kevin Love and Terence Ross, one of only three local players currently in the league.

Pritchard is a later 1st round pick who had little interest from the NBA until his 4th season, when he drove his team to a nice NCAA run. He had played well before but still didn’t get much interest from the NBA, and even after his sensational 4th college season failed to make some mock draft boards. Many prognosticators dismissed him as just another “White” college star who would flame out in the NBA, due to “lack of athleticism.” However, it’s clear he has plenty of athleticism, good quickness for a point guard, and is unusually strong for a player his size.

Had he been of, let’s say, “darker complexion,” his numbers would have had him on every board as an upper 1st round pick, of that I have no doubt.

Well, whatever bias there is, at least Danny Ainge recognized his value and grabbed him in the 1st round when he easily could have dropped to the 2nd or not even have been drafted. Despite the doubters, he was immediately inserted into the regular rotation off the bench and has been very productive, exceeding expectations for a later 1st round pick and making Ainge look like a genius.

It may be all for naught, as Pritchard has fallen victim to the “White ‘freak’ injury syndrome,” a type of injury it seems to me strikes White players much more often than black ones. These injuries aren’t usual impact injuries from falling, or repetitive wear, but result from black players “falling into you” or “pushing.” When you look at the replays you have to wonder how hard the black player actually tried to avoid falling onto the White player’s knee. Recently, GRA posted a video about Joe Burrow’s injury, very similar to Pritchard’s, and was wondering the same thing about these “freak” injuries. I think back to injuries to other white players and can’t help but notice a similar pattern: Hayward getting shoved from behind by a black player, or Kristan Porzingas getting hammered on a free layup and injuring his knee, an injury that seems to keep coming back on him and keeping him from fulfilling his full potential.

There are two divisions in sports, team vs. team and black vs. White, and racist black players jealous of White players are capable of the same kind of behavior we see on the streets. All it takes is a little extra shove, a little less effort trying to avoid falling across somebody’s knee and a career can be ruined or rendered less than it could be. I have no doubt it’s in their minds when they are playing, and it comes out in their actions on the court or field. As a longtime basketball player, I experienced the same thing with black players wielding high swinging elbows at head level (got a broken nose from one such) and lots of dangerous pushing and shoving of White players, though they don’t do it nearly as much to themselves.

Hopefully Pritchard’s injury isn’t too serious but a knee injury like that can be career ending...and the black players know it. That’s the idea though, some brotha is out of an NBA job cause of that Whitey, and they gotta have solidarity.



Anonymous said...

Well it wasn't his teammate's fault for landing on him,the teammate was shoved like Michael Drejka--except from behind--by Dwight Howard.

Howard was the culprit.


Anonymous said...


(SportsBoston)The Boston Celtics received some good news Saturday on their prized rookie Payton Pritchard.

Pritchard suffered what appeared to be a serious injury during the first quarter of Friday's loss to the Philadelphia 76ers. Fortunately, the 22-year-old seems to have dodged a bullet.

Pritchard suffered a right MCL sprain and is expected to resume on-court activities in two weeks, according to the team.

While it's a bummer the C's will be without their spark plug off the bench for at least a couple of weeks, Pritchard avoiding an ACL tear or another serious knee injury is a relief.


Anonymous said...

" a type of injury it seems to me strikes White players much more often than black ones. "

Black basketball players don't want a white interloper. Get that whitey boy.