Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cognitive Dissonance in Chicago: Last Weekend, 20 People were Shot and 5 Killed of All Ages and in All Situations, Yet Crime is Dropping Like a Rock!

By Nicholas Stix


The Chicago Police Department “reported a drop in crime for the 30th consecutive month in June. Homicides are down. [sic] 14.4 percent compared to June of 2010. There have been 31 fewer homicides compared to the first half of last year.”

Either Chicago used to have more violent crime than Baghdad, but now only has just as much crime as its Iraqi counterpart, Chicago’s hospitals have the world’s greatest trauma surgeons, to save gunshot victims, or Chicago’s PD has a world-class creative writing program. (See my VDARE investigative report, “‘Disappearing’ Urban Crime.”)

Even ABC reporter Jason Knowles, after reading the CPD’s claims on the video above, looked askance at them. “But Ben and Judy, obviously that does not seem to be the case when you look at last weekend…”

Maybe I’m overinterpreting the available stats, but the below-linked story, “Homicides down, car thefts up,” has me wondering. In a city as violent, gang-ridden, and diverse as Chicago, that statistical relationship doesn’t sound right. It is easier to hide violent crime than it is car theft, because the latter involves insurance companies, who require police reports, as part of the claim process. Police can use creativity to turn an assault into “harassment” or a “verbal dispute,” grand larceny of small items from a household into “lost/stolen items” but have not yet figured out how to sell Grand Theft Auto (GTA) as a “lost/stolen item.” Massive auto theft is usually the product of gangs who commit GTA in a systematic fashion, and who are also the kings of violent crime.

I know of four ways to reduce Chicago’s violent crime rate, without statistical legerdemain:

1. Massive arrests of overwhelmingly black gangbangers, which would leave most black neighborhoods with few young men;

2. Massive stop-and-frisk operations, ridding the streets of illegal weapons;

3. The end to criminal justice affirmative action; and

4. Paying black women to either be sterilized or to submit to long-term birth control via patches, implants, or vaginal rings.

Since none of the above methods is being implemented, and the CPD was recently caught covering up racist black Memorial Day weekend gang violence on at least two Chicago beaches (also), as well as initially falsely claiming that all of the racist attacks committed by young blacks on whites and Asians in Chicago’s toniest neighborhoods were the work of one gang, I have to consider the CPD’s claims with at least as much skepticism as Jason Knowles does.

And none of the aforementioned methods is likely to be implemented, due to black opposition. The explanation for the history of black opposition to any method likely to reduce black crime is simple: Blacks in America overwhelmingly support black crime.
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5 dead, 20 injured in weekend violence
By Jason Knowles
July 11, 2011 (CHICAGO) (WLS) -- New numbers show a drop in overall violent crime in Chicago just on the heels of a weekend that included dozens of shootings.

Five people are dead and 20 injured from the gunfire. One of the people injured was a 27-year-old woman shot in the head at 111th and Ewing Avenue. Police say a vehicle pulled up and opened fire. The victim was taken to a hospital in critical condition.

Also on the South Side, a man and woman in their 50s were shot in a vehicle.

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Children were victims, too, as an 8-year-old was shot in the stomach in Englewood.

The boy was shot while playing outside his home. He is scheduled to be released from the hospital within days.

There was also a report of a 12-year-old girl injured. Her injuries are non-life threatening and she is scheduled to be released from the hospital soon as well.

Police reported a drop in crime for the 30th consecutive month in June. Homicides are down. [sic] 14.4 percent compared to June of 2010. There have been 31 fewer homicides compared to the first half of last year.

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