Thursday, July 21, 2011

Air Conditioner Attacks Chicago Sister, Causing a Brother’s Murder

Suspect Charles Sims. WEJB/NSU has not yet been able to obtain a photograph of the offending air conditioner.

When Charles Sims’ sister came home just before midnight on Thursday, June 2, a third-floor air conditioner dripped on her, so she told her brother that Jimmy Parker, 29, had dropped water (or spat or peed) on her. Police allege that Charles went downstairs and waited for Parker, who had been “visiting” with a girlfriend. When Parker came out at 2 a.m., Sims accused him of the deed. Parker denied culpability, and Sims slugged him. Parker hit Sims right back, but Sims’ dedication to fair play ended there. Six witnesses alleged that he then drew a 9 mm pistol and shot Parker eight times, including a “coupe de grace” (CPD spokesman, Det. Anthony Noradin) to the victim’s head, as he lay wounded.

Charles Sims has been arrested and denies the charges. On July 18, he was formally charged with first-degree murder.

The building is on the 5600 block of West Washington.

In addition to the six witnesses, a key to breaking the case was that before telling her brother about the shape-shifting air conditioner, Sims’ sister called the police to make a complaint.

If Sims should go down for murdering Parker, this story has at least six lessons:

1. You can shoot a white or Asian in front of 1,000 black witnesses without fear of “snitches,” but killing a black man in front of black witnesses is not as safe a bet. Some blacks still value the lives of black non-murderers;

2. If you want your brother to kill an air conditioner for you, don’t call the cops first to complain about the future victim-appliance;

3. Don’t turn a few drops of water into a water or pee or spit attack;

4. If you’re 28 (or even 18) years old, you’re old enough to know if your sister is a drama queen who is predisposed to lie and exaggerate about other people, and thus old enough to refuse to let her get you “souped up” with her machinations;

5. Guns are generally for protection from, and occasionally for retribution against bad guys; they are never for shooting an unarmed man who defended himself against the gun owner’s unprovoked assault; and

6. Don’t slug anyone without provocation.

Those are way too many lessons to draw from one simple crime, in order to prevent its repetition. Among other things, a civilized society is one which is predominantly comprised of people who, long before the age of 28, have the moral sense to never violate lessons #3-6 without having to be told; and who would not deliberately kill someone (excepting under circumstances of justifiable revenge), regardless of whether witnesses of any race were present. (It would be nice if most people took their daily irony supplements, such as to be able to appreciate lesson #2, but that is not a civilizational necessity.)

Several Chicago Sun-Timesreaders—apparently, both black and white—argued that Sims’ sister should also be charged with second-degree murder. They were apparently unaware of the unwritten law, according to which a black woman may provoke, or even order a black man to commit murder, without ever being charged for it.

Chicago Sun-Times poster valveguy gets the last word, with the obligatory, sardonic Chicago remark to such crimes:

Someone forgot to tell this gentleman that Guns are illegal in Chicago.

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