Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Dirtbiker Gets Dirtnap, after Fleeing Cops; but What “Dirtbiker” is 13, and Fleeing the Cops? We Have an Answer (NSFW Photos)

Stanley Davis Jr.: His family has Ben Crump on speed-dial

By N.S.

Dirt biker, 13, Dies in Crash While Fleeing Cops in Florida



Anonymous said...

He was just a scared kid. Afraid of what they do to young black men. That must have been what it was. Hate to sound so glib and smarmy but that is what I say.

Anonymous said...

That "13 year old" probably has 3 kids.Now what's a black kid in a football uniform doing running from cops?I'll bet he's got an eighth grade graduation picture too--with a suit and tie on--that makes him look non-criminal as well.
No riots yet?
Lesta's on vay-cay,so no help from NNN.


Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Blame the parents and the "talk" for this one. You know, "the talk" where black parents tell their kids that cops will kill you for being black during traffic stops. Utterly false of course, they don't get killed for being black, they get killed for being violent criminals and resisting. So a 13 yr. old with a head filled with parental, BLM and media lies runs from cops on his motorcycle and gets killed. It's on his parents and all the other liars.

Anonymous said...

Dirt biker but was on the highway. Age thirteen? I thought this maybe was an off road accident.

Anonymous said...

Boynton Beach police chief Michael Gregory(a nig)is the story to me.You talk about excluding Whites from teaching jobs in Minnesota,Whites are already excluded from jobs as chief of police.EVERY city has a black running the police department--which is as outrageous as having none.Obviously not based on qualifications--it's a visual.


eahilf said...

@Tuesday, December 28, 2021 at 11:14:00 AM EST

Yes, cops need to use common sense about what they do.

Why did they want to stop him? -- of course they couldn't know his age or anything else about him since he took off -- and when you flee the cops, in the beginning you are in a big hurry, whether you know they are coming after you or not, and accidents can happen when you are going too fast -- so he may have crashed anyway whether they were chasing him or not.

Surveillance video shows beginning of attempted traffic stop before teen's deadly dirt bike crash

Surveillance video shows the moments before the attempted traffic stop that ended with the death of a 13-year-old boy, who lost control of his dirt bike on the highway Sunday afternoon, according to Florida Highway Patrol. ... Surveillance video shows the teen filling up his dirt bike with gas, paying for the gas and then quickly driving away as police came into the gas station parking area. ... Boynton Beach police said the teen was driving erratically, prompting the traffic stop.

It says they wanted to talk to him b/c he was operating the bike recklessly -- obviously, riding a motorcycle on the street at 13 y/o is not legal (did his parents know he was doing that?), something he probably knew -- so he took off fast, lost control, and crashed.

His parents probably won the ghetto lottery, whether the cops did anything wrong or not -- the city will settle/pay.

Anonymous said...

He is F L Y I N G. No wonder the cops went after him.