Sunday, December 26, 2021

Exclusive: Curtis Sliwa, Who Just Got Blown Out in NYC Mayoral Race by the nation of islam, Backs Andrew Giuliani for Governor, in Opposition to Impotent State GOP

By N.S.

Curtis Sliwa Backs Andrew Giuliani for Governor, Slams Efforts to “Anoint” Lee Zeldin


Anonymous said...

Sliwa's impotent unserious mayoral campaign was about extending his talk radio career for a few more years, nothing more.He was offered the chance to have meetings with serious people who could have helped him immensely; he did not take those meetings.. He could have at any time explained he was going to get serious about crime by stating he would appoint a by the book police commissioner, like Joe Esposito. He did not do that.

Giuliani was mostly a good mayor, but he is a very flawed man. The image of him sweating and dripping hair dye was not one of strength. At a loss what anyone sees in his son except his name.

Zeldin may not be a great candidate, but Hochul is a disaster. Whether any Republican can win in NY is really a math problem.

Anonymous said...

Andrew has a last name that carries a lotta weight in New York state. But the association of his father with President Don might be too much. Hard for any Republican to ever win an office in New York ever again.