Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Policemen for Me, but Not for Thee: Defund Police and black cut-throat Backer Brad Lander to Have nypd security detail as Comptroller

Brad Lander

By N.S.

Defund Police Backer Brad Lander to Have nypd security detail as Comptroller



Anonymous said...

He thinks he's immune from being attacked,tortured,sodomized and killed by blacks,because he supports the commie blm'ers.They would do a "Deliverance" job on him--and then some--if given half a chance.

Poster boy for "Dumbass" magazine.


Anonymous said...


(ZH)According to a press statement by the NFL, Hall of Fame coaching and broadcasting legend John Madden died unexpectedly Tuesday morning. He was 85 years old.

Madden is one of the most iconic figures in NFL history with a 103-32-7 record.

GRA:He was great fun to listen to,though his style tended to be repetitive with over-enthusiasm.The way I remember people like Madden is simply the fact that it was a different country back when he was popular--not just in watching football,but TV shows,movies,sports,politics and especially--our neighborhoods,families and cities.

Every famous White person of the 60s,70s,80s and 90s who has died in the last few years,takes another piece of the country--that WAS the United States--with him.Great talents like Sinatra,Wayne,Newman,Rickles,Martin,Fonda,Stewart,on the men's side and women like Hepburn,Ball,Monroe,O'Hara--to name a few--provided a great nation a tremendous amount of great entertainment.

We can name our own sports heroes and the politicians we liked(if any)from back in the day.

Madden's certainly not on the same level of importance as the famous people I mentioned,but in his own way,he was a contributor to our lives--during football season at least.

Now he--and they--are gone.
It doesn't leave us much,does it?