Thursday, December 23, 2021

Was White nypd supervisor a Serial Rapist, or is His black Accuser a Shakedown Artist?

By N.S.

If you know that your supervisor is going to rape you every day at work, wouldn’t one expect you to immediately alert the authorities (Internal Affairs)?

“Ex-Cop Says NYPD Boss Raped Her ‘Nearly Every Game Day’ at Yankee Stadium: Suit”


Anonymous said...

Didn't stop at second base or third base--is the accusation--he slid right into home.But on replay--at a much later time--the opposing player wants him called out.

Rarely,is the original play overturned in these situations.What was consensual then(many times)cannot be ruled rape now.The complainant is...OUT!


Anonymous said...

On second thought,this being a blackie/Whitey issue,who knows?Is she looking for money?I'd have to see a picture of the black chick to determine any of this.If she looked like Maxine Waters...we'll then,fuhgeddaboudit.

--G R A