Monday, October 24, 2011

Is Illegal Alien Santana Gaona the Suspect in the Dallas Birthday Party Murder of Jesse Labon Benavides?


August 30 mug shot of Santana Gaona
By Nicholas Stix
Updated at 4:54 p.m., on Monday, October 24 2011

On August 30, Santana Gaona, 31, was arrested and charged with “sexual assault” (rape) and with being an illegal alien.

In response to my blog item on the murder of Jesse Labon Benavides, 33, “On Saturday Night, Another Hispanic Birthday Party turns Deadly, This Time in Dallas,” an anonymous reader stated,

Hi there, I personally don't know the suspect's name but I did know Jesse. The killer had raped Jesse's sister in law at gunpoint a few weeks earlier. Jesse and his family were having a birthday party when this thug showed up, Jesse went outside to tell the loser to go away that he had no business there, within a few minutes the mofo shot six times and killed Jesse. Jesse's son was in the backyard and heard the shots and saw his father taken away in an ambulance. Jesse was half hispanic and half white. In the event you are so worried about race. Nicholas, I know you are just reporting what you see and hear. Jesse was our loved on so of course we are going to post our thoughts here and defend him.
Another reader then provided a link to a mug shot for Santana Gaona, which mug shot I have posted above. I was then able to find, via Google, an arrest record dated August 30 for the 31-year-old Gaona for rape.

At press time, there were no reports of law enforcement authorities confirming that Gaona is the suspect.

If it should turn out that Gaona murdered Benavides, Dallas County law enforcement officials will have Benavides’ blood on their hands, as well as civil liability, since they had no business bonding out an illegal alien.

I thank the above-cited readers for their assistance.


Anonymous said...

No comment on your completely rude reaction to the person that provided you with the info?

Nicholas said...

Anonymous Liar,

I was perfectly gracious to the two people who provided the information. Don’t try and mislead my readers.

Ivonne said...

The person who provided the facts and mugshot was me, Ivonne Garcia. Nicholas is only reporting what he knows;what the media has reported. I felt it my duty to provide the missing details. He is right, Dallas will have blood on their hands for Jesse's murder. Gaona could have shot and killed a child that day. Sadly, Jesse's son heard the shots and will be scarred for life.

Ivonne said...

I posted both comments. I wasn't offended. Just providing the facts to clear up the story. Either way, Jesse our loved one is gone. Ivonne Garcia

Rolando jr said...

My cousin Jesse was good people and didn't deserve to die that way. My Santana be caught is what I ask god for so he can suffer the way we all are.

Nicholas said...

Thank you, Ivonne.

The longer this guy is running around free, the more people he's going to hurt.

May God have mercy on that child.

Anonymous said...

The scare quotes are because I have no reason to believe you. I gave you the benefit of the doubt, but you have since proved yourself unworthy of such.

You expect me to believe that the deceased Jesse Rodriguez was your husband/ex-husband/sperm donor/whatever, but then refuse to tell me the name of the man who killed him. If you were who you claimed to be, and cared at all about justice for Rodriguez, the first thing you’d have said was the killer’s name.

Maybe the killer’s your boyfriend. Maybe you’re a man, you live in Alaska, and you have no blessed idea who Jesse Rodriguez was. In any event, you’re so full of shit, it’s coming out of your ears.

Fuck you very much for writing.

You call me a liar? Above is your initial response. F-U very much for writing? - you don't call that rude?? Why don't we let your readers decide who is lying? Or better yet - why don't you focus on getting this scumbag arrested instead of being a complete turd to your readers?

Nicholas said...

Anonymous Liar from Alaska (9:27 a.m.),

After claiming to be angry about the crime, and claiming to know who the killer is, you refused to help me, and gave me viciousness instead. Now you lie again, and claim that I am being a “turd” to my readers. I have never been a turd to my readers. And now, after refusing to help, you have the nerve to upbraid me, “why don't you focus on getting this scumbag arrested”?

You also lied, at the top of this thread, by claiming that I had been “rude” to the person who provided me with the information, as if you had given me any information.

You insulted me, and I gave you insults back in spades. So, in addition to being a liar, you can dish it out, but you can’t take it. As Harry Truman used to say, if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

I have tolerated you much longer than any other writer would have. You’re done.

To my readers: This is what AAfL wrote on the previous post.

“Anonymous said...

“Jesse is my son's father so I don't just "seem to know". Yes, I know the killers name but I'm definitely not telling you!

“MONDAY, OCTOBER 24, 2011 12:28:00 AM EDT”

Jesse Benavides' cousin (Angela) said...

Dear Anonymous... you shouldn't be so quick to talk trash about a diffucult situation you are thousands of miles away from. Let't not be ugly for no reason.

You aren't even reading the things that you are trying to advocate your misleaded opinion over; there is no Jesse Rodriguez at issue here- it is Jesse Benavides.

The purpose of posting his mug shot and providing his name is for the sole purpose of catching him.

Catching him for the justice for the horrible crimeS (plueral) that he has committed, and catching him to get him off the streets and prevent any other family from going through what WE, the Benavides family (and most of the writers here) are going through.

There is no confusion, guessing or lying involved here. This is a family seeking vindication for a murder of a loved one by an offender that we are sure of. Santana Gaono was a unfortunately a removed member of Jesse's girlfriend's family. There is no confusion over his identity, and there were many witnesses to his horrid actions.

We just want a armed dangerous flight risk off the streets and are attempting to get the word out.

So, anonymous, unless you have something positive to say or want to provide some advise on where to find Santana- please keep the uglyness to your self.

Anonymous said...

I hope the police catch this crimianl quickly and then I hope the Judge/Jury Impose the Death Penalty. God Bless Texas and the Benavides Family.

Anonymous said...

Why did this happen? It's not the first time obviously...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Praise God ! The police have arrested
Santana Gaona. It will never bring my
grandsons daddy back but if he gets what
He deserves at least he can't hurt anyone
Else. I pray for his children too as they will
Have to live with the trauma of not having
A daddy either and live with knowing their
Their dad killed their cousins daddy. So
Sad and so unnecessary. I believe anonymous
Might have been my daughter and the reason
She was so upset is because of the initial derogatory
Remark about another mexican birthday party.
Gone deadly or something in that manner. Our
Family is very sensitive right now and that was hurtful
To her as it would have been to anyone. She is not
Even Spanish or Mexican.

Anonymous said...

Its crazy what a broken marriage and anger can do and cause so much harm. I just don't agree on all this being said I'm pretty sure there's more to this story. People may lie to get what they want. But god knows the real truth. If gaona wasn't found guilty for rape why keep accusing him for that. If he was guilty of murder I'm pretty sure he'll pay. I understand losing a love one is hard and may god be with them to give them strength and support.

Nicholas said...

“If gaona wasn't found guilty for rape why keep accusing him for that. If he was guilty of murder I'm pretty sure he'll pay.”

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 1, 2011 11:55:00 PM EDT

Gaona was charged with rape and officially acknowledged to be an illegal alien on August 30. He “wasn’t found guilty of rape,” because he hadn’t yet gone to trial. You’re acting as if he’d been acquitted.

You also assert, “I'm pretty sure there's more to this story.”

Do you have some special knowledge of this case? No? Then why are you insinuating that Gaona was innocent of the rape charge?

I see your type every day on Internet crime story comment threads—the lazy know-nothing who pretends to deep wisdom.

Anonymous said...

Close the border now!!!!!

Anonymous said...

My heart and prayers go out to the Benavides family, especially at such an event (a childs birthday party). I saw the story on The First 48 titled "Breaking Point" they said Jesse had been shot 9 times and in the sad. May he R.I.P No I didn't know him. He may be gone but will never be forgotten.
Houston, TX