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Diversity is Strength: It’s Also Getting Beaten Almost to Death, Due to Being Suspected of Being an Intestine-Eating Satanist!



Suspected intestines eating satanists beaten up in Harare Hospital children's ward
27 October, 2011 04:16:00
H Metro
Zimbabwe Online Press

Two men were given a hiding fit for a devil before being detained at the Harare Central Hospital's pediatric unit after they were allegedly caught loitering there and messing with a five-year-old patient's clothes last Wednesday.

They were beaten up by the public under suspicion that they were Satanists trying to extract the child's intestines. The accused have however, denied being evil saying their hands are very clean.

This follows a rumour that satanists were on the prowl in the country and especially at Hospitals. However, the Harare Central Hospital authorities have refuted this claim.

The two, Shepherd Tabarwa and Claytos Dzinumwe, were found loitering around the five-year-old's bed where they appeared to be measuring his clothes as they held him by the waist.

However, the two DENIED being satanists and justified their illegal action and presence in the ward by saying that their company was contracted to supply the hospital with clothing hence they were surveying on the pattern that would suit the new borns!

"Its a problem when dealing with people who do not know how to handle business. Hospital security wanted to get us killed by the crown after one of the women whom we are training as a tailor raised false alarm and told the crown that we are satanists. I am not a satanist, I am a Christian with an apostolic sect."

"We were beaten by security before they handcuffed us and up to now my body is still in pain. Police officers ordered the hospital security to verify with our employer, Power 6 Trading," narrated Claytos.

We asked for permission from the child's mother before we were ACCUSED of unlawfully entering the ward. I am happy about it because I am just like Jesus Christ who was accused when he was innocent," added Claytos.

It is not clear whether he also enjoyed the thorough beating he received since he got his personal defence outline. His 'accomplice' Shepherd claimed that his ear was damaged in the beating after he was slapped stupid!

"it is hard to explain my dear after the incident. We are workers and I can't comment any further," said Shepherd.

The Chief Executive Officer of the hospital who identified herself only as P Zvavamwe could neither confirm nor deny this development as she was waiting to receive a formal complaint.

"I can not confirm or deny it becauseit could have happened but the report is yet to come to my office," said Zvavamwe.

We caught up with the owner of Power 6 Trading which has since relocated. She identified herself as Mai Mpopoma.

She CONFIRMED that her workers were detained on allegations of unlawfully entering the children's ward prompting people to suspect that they were part of the Satanists that have taken a prowl at the children's ward.

"Yes my employees were detained but circumstances surrounding their detention are not true. We are not Satanists, we won a tender to supply the hospital with clothing and the guys were just checking out the pattern. In fact this will discredit my company at a wrong time because i was also bidding for the same tender at Chitungwiza Central Hospital."

"We are a professional company and we rumour business transparently, That isolated incident was regrettable because the guys should have sought permission but I reiterate that they are not Satanists," said Mpopoma.

However, residents from neighbouring Southerton and some staffers told us that there has been a fear of evil elements invading the children's ward.

"Children are dying in unclear circumstances amid rumours that Satanism is taking toil. How can the security personnel leave people getting into the pediatric ward without verifying if they are the parents or next of kin?"

"If it was measuring the size of the clothes or taking the patterns as claimed, they could have followed the official channels," charged one of the visitors who witnessed the incident.

[These are just the sort of folks we need to bring here as "refugees" and immigrants. Don't you just love the diversity?!

Thanks to reader-researcher “W.”]

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