Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Upcoming, Diversity-Based Murder Trials the National MSM are Ignoring

By David in TN

There are a number of court cases to follow in upcoming months. The dates I give are what I know at the present and may be changed.

The trial of Brittany Norwood for the murder of Jayna Murray began, with jury selection, yesterday.

The trial of Lawrence (also spelled Laurence, in many accounts) Lovette for the murder of Eve Marie Carson murder is set for November 28.

The Winchester Atrocity (here and here) trial is tentatively set for March 2012.

The conviction of an immigrant from Fiji for the 1999 murder of football hall of famer Fred Biletnikoff's daughter Tracey, was overturned in 2009. The retrial is set for January 9.

The Brittney Watts murder case is under the radar at the moment.

The suspects in the Tulsa murders of Carissa Horton and Ethan Nichols will have a preliminary hearing on December 1.

The next motion for new trial hearing in the Knoxville Horror is also set for December 1. In this case we have an attractive young couple murdered in the most brutal way possible. The female victim was from a fairly affluent family. The first two of four trials were dramatic.

In the second, the defense slandered the victims as druggies and claimed the intelligent, classy girl was having consensual sex with the ringleader. The trial judge was forced to resign from the bench, due to having been illegally abusing prescription drugs during the trials, making the appeals more serious than they would have been. A reporter who covered the case from the start, and who planned to write a book on the case, has been subpoenaed to testify at the next hearing.

In spite of all this, the MSM have no interest in the story.

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