Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Takuan Seiyo: Anders Behring Breivik and Hitler’s Revenge


Gates of Vienna
October 1, 2011

Breivik’s mass murder had little to do with the civilization he purported to defend, save for a few of its aberrations. One of those was the First Crusade, 1096—1099. It started with exhortations by a wacko named Peter the Hermit that ended in the slaughter and enslavement in Asia Minor of tens of thousands of his pauper followers; progressed to the idea of “beginning the Crusades at home" by way of mass murder and pillage of the Jews of France and Germany[1]; and ended with the massacre of the civilian population of Jerusalem, Muslim and Jew alike, followed by pillage and then, “with fitting humility,” pious Christian chants[2].


Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Stor at Utoya, where Breivik attacked, the day before the massacre; the peace-loving, socialist youngsters supported a second Holocaust against the Jews

White people, particularly in Europe, have been fed such stories — and true stories they usually are — for generations. Hitler was not the first nail in the coffin of their pride in their civilization, just the last and biggest. What they are never told — at least not in their institutions of formal learning or popular culture — is that any such act of White Western barbarity was par for the course in the times in which it occurred (even Hitler relative to Stalin or Mao), and usually paled in comparison with the cruelty and barbarity of the foe or of the unrelated “other.”




Those who are sickened by the slaughter of the innocents in Jerusalem ought to read descriptions of the fate of contemporaneous Christian pilgrims to the Holy Land at the hand of the Muslims, or of the Fall of Constantinople in 1453[3], or of the genocidal Muslim invasions of India, such as by Mahmoud al Ghazni, Muhammad Ghori, or Timur’s conquest of Delhi (1398) preceded by an execution of 100,000 Hindu captives[4], or the destruction of the Americas’ then-greatest city, Tollan (about 1170), by the Huaxtecs who murdered, sacrificed, or sold its population into slavery[5].

Susan Sontag: “The white race is the cancer of human history”


But they never do read the countervailing evidence; it’s not in the plan of the S&M socialist intelligentsia that dispenses education and culture in the Western world. The results show in nations like Norway, where overt or tacit guilt about White racism, intolerance, violence, injustice etc. — guilt unaccompanied by any knowledge or even interest in the universal parallels of frequently greater magnitude in other races and cultures — leads to a massive “turning’: a voluntary hairshirt, mea-culpism, and majority-supported policies of self-debasement leading to extinction.

Mandela: "Kill the Boer!"


Two whites striving to bring about genocide against their own race: Noel Ignatiev, above, and Tim Wise, below


Most Western European nations, including Norway, also carry a psychic wound from having been an active cog in Hitler’s machine. America still reels from its past slavery and racism, and therefore self-mutilates with fictitious “racism” and cowardly passivity toward the outsized criminality, racist hatred and looting by its black minority. Hitler’s Revenge has been that for sixty years now the countries of the West have been running away from Hitler (or slavery, colonialism, racism etc.) so far and fast that they have become Hitler. They are now totalitarian societies with mind control, censorship, overbearing societal pressure to conform, and violence and economic destruction visited upon dissenters. They are as fanatical about putting down, diluting and eventually destroying the white race as Hitler was about its elevation to coercive supremacy.

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His BLT belief teaches: Destroy "the white enemy"


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“Norway: 91 Dead in Terrorist Attacks; Blond, Blue-Eyed Norwegian Suspect Anders Behring Breivik, 32, in Custody, ‘Wants to Explain Himself’”; and

“Nazi Max Blumenthal on Norway Massacre: If You Don’t Support a Second Holocaust, You’re an “Eliminationist” Terrorist!”.]


Anonymous said...

Noel Ignatiev and Time Wise are not looking to bring about the destruction of their race, but that of the white European race (aka Euro-Gentiles). Both Noel and Tim are self identified Jews. The only time Noel or Tim bring about the ire of Jews is when they make the mistake of taking aim at Zionism & Israel. The ADL, SPLC, AJC etc have no problem with their agendas as long as they don't mention Jews.. Zionism or Israel.

Nicholas said...


There are at least three things wrong with your comment.

1. Noel Ignatiev does not identify Jews as a race;

2. "Time Wise" does not identify Jews as a race; and

3. Wise is not a Jew.

Anonymous said...

go read through the comment sections of his article posts on his site where he discusses and debates POC (people of color) -- he calls himself Jewish often. Perhaps if you know who he is better than he himself -you should enlighten him!

No, they do not consider Jews a race. They consider Jews an Ethno-Religious group. They supposedly don't believe race exists period. They do however state there are Ethnic Groups.

Nicholas said...

I am well aware that Wise claims to be a Jew, and refers to Jews as “my people.” However, he is not a Jew. He has clearly stated that his mother was (is?) not a Jew, and if he converted, it’s his secret. Depending on his story at any given time, either his father or his paternal grandfather was a Jew.

As I’ve previously argued, either he’s a fraud who thinks it is of strategic value to claim he’s a Jew, or he’s a Nazi. Only a Nazi would honestly believe that being the son of a Jewish father or paternal grandfather would make one a Jew.

Anonymous said...

did a quick search for you.

On this link to one of his articles..

Go down to comment #16 by someone named Roland (who is complaining about the Antisemitism on the left)

Tim responds:

I disagree with you about the ubiquity of anti-jewish bigtory on the left, but surely when it exists it should be resisted. But critiquing Israel, even substantially, and even questioning Zionism, is not anti-Semitism. I have written about this, as have many other Jews, for decades. To suggest that Muslims are not marginalized in Israel and the territories, which you suggest by putting the word in quotes, is troubling. Any nation in which 80 percent of the land is off limits to entire groups of people ethnically/religiously (which is what Israel is in its land tenure laws) is racist, by definition. As a Jew it is offensive to me. And as an American, I sure as hell don’t want to pay for that kind of injustice. That similar injustices exist in Muslim nations against Jews and Christians is indisputable, and equally grotesque. But a) I am Jewish and feel the need to clean up my own groups’ crap first (it’s called personal responsibility), and b) as an American I am not implicated in the subsidizing of that injustice in, say, Iran, in the same way.

Anonymous said...

Oh ok, so you just think he's lying. Well if he identifies as a Jew, has a Jewish parent and works against white Europeans.. he's a Jew. He obviously doesn't see himself as a white European, only as a white Jew working against white European (particularly Anglo I'm sure) racism and "power".

Nicholas said...

As I've said before, he's either a liar or a Nazi. The quote you posted says to me that he's also an anti-Semite.

It's possible that one of the reasons he calls himself a Jew, is to give cover for his attacks on Israel.

"Well if he identifies as a Jew, has a Jewish parent and works against white Europeans.. he's a Jew."

Who are you, Jeffrey MacDonald?