Sunday, October 16, 2011

At Fox News, Trying to Murder Three Cops Has Become, “Driving Towards a Police Officer”

By Nicholas Stix

At 5:45 p.m. today, during a break from the Dallas-New England game, Fox 5 news reader Christina Park informed us that Danroy Henry was “killed as he drove towards a police officer,” and that four of his friends had filed a civil rights lawsuit, charging “police brutality.”

Danroy Henry was shot and killed by police after he had attempted to murder three of them. In plain English, “driving toward a police officer” means trying to run him down.

In the context of Henry’s crimes, the meaning of his friend’s lawsuit is that they are launching a frivolous lawsuit, seeking to extort millions of dollars from predominantly white taxpayers, based on three white cops’ refusal to permit their late friend to murder them.

That’s the meaning today of “civil rights” to most blacks: The right to take everything from whites, including their lives.

[See previously, at WEJB/NSU: “Danroy Henry: ‘A great kid was murdered.’”]

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