Monday, October 17, 2011

A Liar Can Easily Become a Millionaire; Please Send Money, So That I May Continue Telling the Truth about Race War in America!


Alex Haley. As Philip Nobile would later report, Haley stole much of Roots (1976) from white novelists Harold Courlander and Margaret Walker, and had to pay the former $650,000. (Walker was cheated by a racially biased federal judge.) And what Haley didn’t steal, he didn’t write, either. He was an inept writer and thus, according to Nobile, most or all of the original writing in the book was provided by his white editor, Murray Fisher. And lest I forget, Roots was a hoax that had nothing whatsoever to do with Haley’s family history. Haley also won a fraudulent, special Pulitzer for this “work,” which led Nobile to call him “the greatest literary scoundrel of the 20th century.”

Well, no one’s sending me any million-dollar book contracts, or awarding me any tainted Pulitzers, or dishonorable doctorates. While frauds get fat, the truth business is withering on the vine.

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