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Black Mob Ambushes Winning H.S. Football Team, Black Player Batters White Football Coach with Helmet in Sparta, Georgia: GBI Investigating, Nothing

about a Hate Crime


N.S.: Note the phony language of moral equivalence: “fights broke out.” Fights didn’t break out; the mob attacked everyone not from their town, and the surprised visitors defended themselves as best they could. When whites are accused of attacking blacks, the racial aspect is emphasized, and no morally equivalent language is used.

However… although the attack on the white coach was doubtless racially motivated—I’ve never heard of the sort of vicious assaults by white players and coaches on black coaches and referees that are increasingly carried out by black players, coaches, and fans against white coaches and officials, this situation is apparently not the simple “black mob attacks whites” scenario that it first appeared to be.

Hancock Central High School is a 99 percent black school. Note the review of the school from Great Schools reproduced below from a semi-literate, self-described “teacher.”
Posted July 4, 2008
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I'm an educator, parent and citizen of Hancock County and school . I have watched Hancock Central High School evolve into a school of academicc exceelence. Eventhough the school is all black the math and science scores on the recent GHSGT are among the highest in the RESA and are competive with much larger school districts. The school was awarded the highest # of 'exceeding' from a GAPPS analysis given by the state of Georgia. Students are in uniforms and discipline is at an all time low. HCHS is probally one of the safest school in the state. If you are in the area visti the school. You will see green plant in the hallways and happy smiles and hand shake from staff and students. I'm amazed. Visit the Ga DOE web site and examine the fact by pulling up HCHS Report Card.
—Submitted by a teacher

But Warren County High School is 97 percent black, and got even worse reviews!


GBI will investigate football fight
10:10 PM, Oct 20, 2011 | comments

SPARTA, Ga -- The GBI [Georgia Bureau of Investigation] is conducting a criminal investigation into the beating of a high school football coach after a game last Friday. School officials said Warren County High School's football coach was trying to intervene between two fighting players when he was hit in the face with a helmet.

Warren County High School beat Hancock Central High School 21-2 at Hancock's homecoming. When the victorious visiting team went to the locker room, the door was locked. That's when Warren County School officials say a hoard of Hancock players and fans swarmed the visiting team and fights broke out. "It seemed like they were just waiting there," said Warren County School Superintendent Carole Jean Carey.

Carey said she watched as her teams coach stepped in between two players. "And so our coach said 'wait, stop, what are you doing,' and the player just swung around and smashed him right in the face," she said.

Warren County's Coach David Daniels was hit in the face with a football helmet and transported to a local hospital. Carey said Daniels suffered a severed a tear duct and he had surgery to repair crushed bones around his eye.

Six days after it happened, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation was asked to conduct a criminal investigation into what happened to coach Daniels. The GBI's John Bankhead said the Hancock County Sheriff asked for help because of the wide scope of the investigation. "You've got possibly a hundred interviews to conduct regarding the players that were involved and others, and you've got two jurisdictions," Bankhead said.

Bankhead said agents from the GBI will conduct interviews in Hancock County and in Warren County.

Superintendent Carey told 11 Alive News that Warren County High School will not be playing Hancock Central in any other sport this year and possibly longer.

She said Coach Daniels was released from the hospital on Monday and he told her he would be at the teams' game Friday night and may do some coaching from the press box.

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rjp said...

I'm an educator, parent and citizen of Hancock County and school . I have watched Hancock Central High School evolve into a school of academicc exceelence.

Nicholas .... is that the educator's horrible English?

Nicholas said...

It most certainly is, rjp. But the writer is a "role model," and so we have no standing to judge.

AnalogMan said...

Incredible. Calling him "semi-literate" flatters him.

What on earth was a White man doing in that milieu, anyway? Former liberal getting an education? Let's hope he's learned something.

Separation. It's the only way.