Friday, June 29, 2012

Is Angela Corey After George Zimmerman, in the Hopes of Appeasing Blacks and Saving Her Career?

By Our Man in Seattle, BR

[Previously, at WEJB/NSU:

“Angela Corey, Monster.”]

I lay awake last night, wondering how anyone could ruin the lives of innocent people, as Angela Corey does. Imagine being locked in a cage for 20 years, separated from your loved ones. In the case of brutal criminals, that is necessary to protect innocent people, but Corey is doing it to innocent people who only tried to protect themselves.

Then a thought came to me about her possible motivation in the Zimmerman case. The female victim of Corey's persecution, Marissa Alexander, is black, and so now has black organizations standing up for her. Now, having powerful black organizations against one is not generally positive for one's political career. The question is: Is Corey after Zimmerman, in the hopes of appeasing blacks and saving her career?

I don't know if anyone else has considered this possibility, but one would hope that a journalist somewhere would be digging up the facts.


Anonymous said...

Corey has overcharged many people since she took office. How many innocent people have been ruined?

Anonymous said...

Angela Corey overcharges everyone.

How many people have been unfairly put away?

Anonymous said...

That would be her primary reason. It is not the overcharging that is the problem though. It is charging innocent people. George Zimmerman is not being overcharged, he is being falsely charged.

Anonymous said...

Overcharging is definitely a problem with Corey. All you need to do is look into her history to see that. Cristian Fernandez anyone?

Anonymous said...

Hi Nicholas. I'm not sure if my post is good enough for your article, but I just wanted to give an example on how totally messed up the world is.
I was on a chat site that allows you to aask questions and people answer them.
Well, here was my question and the response I received.

Question to discuss:
Why is George Zimmerman being punished when he is clearly the victim? He was defending himself from a fatal beating!

Stranger 1: what the hell

Stranger 1: Fuck you people like you are the reason the world suck

Stranger 1: fuck you

This is the kind of thoughts that people have about even asking a question as I did. Just thought I'd share this with you, because I am sick of the courts and the MSM railroading Mr. Zimmerman.

As a side note; I really can't fathom how they will possibly get an impartial jury for his trial.