Thursday, June 28, 2012

Angela Corey, Monster

By Our Man in Seattle, BR

Fair-minded people across the nation recognize that George Zimmerman is being railroaded, that for the "crime" of saving his own life from a savage who may well have beaten him to death, his life is being ruined. Many naive Americans probably don't believe that such injustice can happen in our country, but it has, can, and does.

Here is the case of a woman with a history of abuse by a man (to the extent that she has been hospitalized), a woman who had obtained a restraining order against this man, who had a license to carry a gun, but who received a prison sentence of 20 years for merely firing into the ceiling in an attempt to frighten off this man.

You may ask yourself how such a monstrous miscarriage of justice could happen. What prosecutor would do this to a person--much less an abused and frightened woman? Well monstrous miscarriages of justice happen because of prosecutors who are really persecutors—in this case the very same Angela Corey who is persecuting George Zimmerman, a good community-minded man who stood up for homeless victims and tutored black kids.

There is little people in the rest of the country can do other than spread the truth (and perhaps contribute to Zimmerman's defense fund), but people who live in Florida need to ask themselves, "With such a monster on the loose, is anyone safe?"

Angela Corey must be fired. Just ask Harvard professor Alan Dershowitz—Corey called Harvard and tried to get him fired and disbarred for telling the truth about her.


Chicago guy said...

Prosecutors are lawyers who are also involved in politics, which can result in some very bad people being in positions of authority. These are just the cases you see. What about the ones that go unnoticed? Things like this should disabuse people of their belief in the fairy-tale story of the US having a wonderful system of justice.

PDK said...

When Angela Corey replaced Norm Wolfinger back in early 4/11, I thought she was another Nifong of the Duke lacross fiasco back in 06.

Apparently, she is so much more, and all of that so much more, being nefarious. It seems clear she abused her prosecutorial powers to railroad,(read screw), both Marissa Alexander and Ronald Thompson, each of whom not only seem innocent to me, but rather chose to fight for both justice and their good name, would not accept Angelas plea bargain deal, which BTW entailed prison time, and so she prosecuted with extreme prejudice. This makes her seem vindictive, perhaps she suffers from a chronic case of inferiority/superiority complex personality disorder.

Further, this is made more manifest with her threats against others, some in her own profession, who critisize her for what surely seems to be tyrannical abuse of prosecutorial power. Her lashing out against Alan Dershowitz for his critical assesment of her improprietus charging of GZ for murder2 is an example of this. I hoped she would follow through on her threat to sue Harvard and that Alan could have broke her in a court of law, exactly like the wild bronco she displays herself to be. She seems very much in need of such a humbling.

If GZ is found quilty of murder2, it is time to question our judicial system. On the other hand, that "broad" has been asking for it for a long time. Perhaps this is the case someone will finally give her what shes been asking for.

Hers is an ougly face. Not unlike that of Al Sharptons, who also stepped into this fiasco hoping to change the truth to fit the black illusion of black persecution by whitey. It seems they were born in the same month and year. Perhaps the fates have brought these two ougly poeple, birds of a feather, together for some higher, more moral purpose, such as their come-up-pance.

It has been a long time coming for both. Thank you.