Saturday, June 09, 2012

Memphian Held in Nicola Furlong Killing


War victim Nicola Furlong, 21


Suspected war criminal Richard Hinds, 19



By David in TN

According to the Memphis Commercial Appeal, Memphis native Richard Hinds is one of the suspects taken into custody in Japan in the death of Nicola Furlong, along with dancer James Jamari Blackston. Hinds was reportedly found alone by a staffer in a room at the Keio Plaza Hotel, standing over the strangled Furlong, at 3:20 a.m., on May 23.

N.S.: I wish to apologize to the person whom I previously named as the primary murder suspect. I had repeated a rumor spread by blogger Janet Shan, who insisted to me that she had learned the other name through “investigative journalism.”

Suspected war criminal, dancer James Blackstone, aka James “King Tight” Jamari Blackstone, aka James Blackston, with Japanese "dance" students. Blackston’s age has variously been reported as 21 and 23.

War victim Nicola Furlong, 21


Suspected war criminal, dancer James Blackstone, aka James “King Tight” Jamari Blackstone, aka James Blackston

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Anonymous said...

We still haven't seen many details. Is there DNA evidence that shows a sexual assault? Was Blackston the main perpetrator? Hopefully, the investigation will answer these questions.

One question is: What was Richard Hinds doing standing over the dead body of a young woman who had been strangled?

David In TN

Anonymous said...

Hang them both.

Anonymous said...

I think that there is something very fishy about this whole story because why in sam hell would these girls continuously after being molested so they say in a taxicab still continue to proceed to their hotels. I feel this was a set up and as far as hanging people this is not the 50's and the 60's and they should have a fair trial. None of us were there so to pass judgment and be overly cruel with comments like hang them is not cool at all. Only god can judge them and again none of us were there shining the light in on this situation so before you post your opinion remember there are always two sides to a story. On top of that this was 2 young African American men in a foreign country with 2 Irish girls come on now it appears that there is some cloudly evidence. IJS

Anonymous said...

Guilty as Charged. The girls were drugged, wheeled into the hotel on wheelchairs supplied by hotel. Molested and nicola murdered. This guy if justice was right deserves death penalty. hell get 5 years hard labour. he can forget about dancing or attacking young girls again. Scum of the world.

Anonymous said...

he is a raper he rapes ppl. stay away from either one of them . hope the yakuzi fucks him up in japan prison.