Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Republican Sen. John Cornyn (TX) Calls on Racist Attorney General, Eric Holder, to Resign to His Face (Happened Today!)



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PDK said...

If Eric Holder were a republican, or if his name were Nixon, he would already have been forced to leave office or pay the price.

Eric Holder has shown himself to be an anti American, black racist thug. Obviously this is why Obama "only had eyes" for Holder as AG.

Unbelievably, Holder and the DoJ have gone after Joe Arpio who has done a decent and fine job for Maricopa county, Arizona as their Sheriff. Joe has done his job well, while Holder has turned the DoJ into an attack dog of the racist black ideology of blame whitey, which BTW, puts him in good standing with the other black racist up there, one Barac Hussein Obama, the anti American Messiahnic President.

Further, Sheriff Joe Arpio is an elected official, Holder was appointed by Obama.

I hope Issa and the republicans take that racist, thug in a suit, and force him to capitulate under threat of prison time.

The Obama administration, Obama, Holder and Napalitano are an abomination upon America. They make me sick.

One and done! Nobama 2012, vote republican. Thank you.