Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Jessica Tetter Murder: New Story: She was also Raped, Front and Back, and “On-Again, Off-Again Boyfriend” was Really Stepfather, Who Has Confessed!


Murder victim Jessica Tetter was only 16. Her corpse was found in a Hammond, Indiana dumpster. Police now say she was strangled, and appears to have been both vaginally and anally raped.

Confessed killer, John Hurt, 27, was the victim’s stepfather

[Previously, on this crime, at WEJB/NSU:

“Fiend Kidnapped 16-year-old Jessica Tetter in Calumet City, IL, Took Her to Hammond, IN, Murdered (and Did God Knows What Else to) Her, and Dumped Her in the Garbage; Suspect was Sometime Lover of Vic’s Mom.”]

By Nicholas Stix

Stepfather John Hurt’s new story is that he killed his 16-year-old stepdaughter, Jessica Tetter, when she “tried to fight” him. English translation: She resisted him raping her. And he raped her anally and vaginally. Or am I supposed to say that a man who confessed to murder “allegedly” committed rape and murder?

Jessica Tetter was a tiny wisp of a thing that might have weighed 100 pounds, dripping wet. Meanwhile, though I have no full-length picture of her killer, his mug shot shows a no-neck. “She tried to fight.”

Cops first started to suspect that Hurt was behind the girl’s disappearance, when he refused to join the search for her.

My educated guess is that Hurt raped and murdered Jessica in her own home, stuffed her body in his car’s trunk, and drove her corpse out to Hammond, Indiana, to throw her in a dumpster.

Of course, since the rapist-murderer is black, he’ll plead not guilty, and waste thousands of the predominantly white tax base’s dollars with a trial. And since Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn signed into law the repeal of the death penalty on March 9, 2011, Hurt will never see justice. If he is convicted, he’ll get sentenced to, say, “life without the possibility of parole,” and 10 or 20 years down the line, surprise, surprise, he’ll be paroled, so as to give him the opportunity to kill again. After all, he’s only 27, and in his prime crime years.

As sick as the reality I sketched above is, it gets even worse. Last year, Jessica had complained of her future rapist-killer sexually fondling her, and even went so far as to swear out a complaint with the police. Hurt already had a 2005 conviction for domestic violence. “Domestic violence” are often dubious, but in this case, the charges were probably legit.

So what did her mom, Dione Lafond , do to protect her child? Nothing. She didn’t throw him out of the house, and didn’t pursue charges. She called the police, after “noticing that her daughter's phone and money were left behind, and that Tetter's laptop computer was uncharacteristically left running,” but that was a day late and a dollar short.

Meanwhile, the first story police had was that Hurt was the mother’s “on-again, off-again” boyfriend. Was that a story that Lafond concocted, in order to get out of trouble, or something a neighbor said?

In any event, the mother should be charged with endangering the welfare of a child.

* * *

Man charged with stepdaughter's murder
June 11, 2012 10:21 a.m. EDT; 10:40 a.m. EDT
FOX Chicago News/FOX Atlanta

A Calumet City man has been charged with the murder of his 16-year-old stepdaughter.

Jessica Tetter's body was found in a dumpster in Hammond on Thursday morning. Authorities said when she went missing, 27-year-old John Hurt refused to join the search.

Police said that Hurt confessed to strangling and killing [sic] her, telling police she had tried to fight him. [N.S.: The “sic” is for redundancy, because “strangling” is already a form of killing.]

Hurt has been charged with murder and concealment of a homicide. Charges were filed on Sunday, and Hurt has been ordered held on $1 million bail.

Hurt was already under investigation for allegedly touching her inappropriately. Tetter reported the allegations to police in November. He was also convicted of domestic battery in 2006.

Tetter's body showed signs of a rape – her body had what police believe was semen in her anus and vagina when her body was finally recovered, assistant Cook County State's Attorney Sylvie Manaster told Judge Israel Desierto during a brief court hearing Sunday.

Hurt wore a disposable paper county jail suit in court Sunday and spoke during the hearing only to confirm that he understands his rights.

The Illinois State Police crime lab will complete tests on the suspected semen, Manaster said.

Hurt was home alone Wednesday morning with Tetter at the apartment they shared with Tetter's mom Dione Lafond on the 600 block of Wentworth, Manaster said.

Hurt initially told his wife Tetter had left the home while he was asleep, but Lefond called police and reported her daughter missing after noticing that her daughter's phone and money were left behind, and that Tetter's laptop computer was uncharacteristically left running, the prosecutor added.

Hammond Police found the girl's body a day later in a dumpster behind a building on Hyslop Ave., authorities said.

Before he confessed to detectives, Hurt told a witness who was waiting for service at Calumet City Police headquarters that he'd killed his “daughter” after she tried to fight him, Manaster said.

The Sun-Times Media Wire contributed to this report.


Anonymous said...

Your story was very true and I like when reports tell the whole story. You just need to remember that not only are white people pay taxes, but all people pay taxes. Don't be racist.

Anonymous said...

Not all reporters report facts! Ms. Dione LaFond would have protected her daughter. Nicholas did Dione tell you personally about the court papers that supposedly exhist?? Dione never concocted any story to save her a$$. She loves her children, I know this personally. You have no right to defame her character the way your doing. And for the racial comments, you could Have kept them to yourself. There is too much going on in this world and you wanna play the race card.

Nicholas said...

Anon II:

I play the cards I'm dealt.

Anonymous said...

I believe if it was not listed n the court system there would nor b a report! I also believe that her mom could have protected her better! My prayers to the family cause she will need it!

Anonymous said...

***CLARIFICATION*** That monster was not her father or stepfather. You journalists need to dig deeper to get the facts.

Anonymous said...

The mother needs to have her ass up there too being charged right along with him. She is even more guilty than he is. She knew that man touched her baby she knew. And for knowing she better pray hard and daily. I dont get why the mother isnt being charged and the rest of the children she has taken away from her. The baby went to the police and told em he touched her before most kies wont even tell so that says alot for this young lady. Despite being in a tough situation she still decided she wanted to be something she also was a boxer...of course she tried to fight cmon who wouldnt.

Anonymous said...

You sound redundant honey...the mother knew he touched her before and they went to the police...why would you allow him in the house again. Under investigation hmmm hell no he should not have even been allowed to breathe after my kid would have said that to me. She is about 34 maybe 35 with a 27 year old young man around her teenage daughter, who felt at a younger age she needed to learn how to fight lord only knows what else Ms. Dione overlooked, ignored or denied. Who cares what race any of them are its just wrong and both the mother and the boyfriend need the same charges. She left her alone with him after she said he touched her.

Anonymous said...

"Of course, since the rapist-murderer is black, he’ll plead not guilty, and waste thousands of the predominantly white tax base’s dollars with a trial."

...so, are you inferring black tax dollars won't be wasted with a trial? Was this sentence (at least the latter half) even necessary? If your purpose is to report news on this poor child's tragedy...why spew this racist mess? It actually
delegitimizes you...just an fyi!
That said...R.I.P. Jessica.

Nicholas said...

"...so, are you inferring black tax dollars won't be wasted with a trial?" 6/15/2012 12:03 p.m.

I wasn't inferring it, I was implying it. You inferred it.

But now I'm saying it.

Since blacks are not net taxpayers, how could they pay for the trial, or any other public services?

Anonymous said...

Fuck him he deserves da worst sick bastard .and da momther for knowing cuz her daughter told her she should get da same charges and them other lil kids don't need to be with her either.I hope justice really gets served

Anonymous said...

All of u ignorant , uneducated, simple minded racist mother fuckers need to mind your own damn business! This is my fucking family your talking about & NOBODY knows what happened in this situation or before it so u so called "reporter's" / "journalist" or whatever the hell you want to call yourselves need to keep your damn opinions to yourselves! Didn't your mothers ever teach you that if u don't have nothing nice to say then don't say it at all??? How would u feel if this happened to your family and on top of the tragic loss you had to read the opinions of NOBODY'S that down grade the people u love!? Did u ever stop to think of the pain Jessica's family is in, & say hey let me show love & support like I would want done to my family??? Probably not because your to simple minded and ignorant to do so! For those of u that don't know Jessica was very much loved, and adored by ALL of those that had the pleasure of knowing her(not only, family but friends, teachers, coaches EVERYONE) she didn't deserve this just like her loved ones don't deserve to hear all the disgraceful things your sayin towards them! In reality u have NO fucking clue what the Fuck your talking about & therefore should keep your inconsiderate comments to yourself!!!!

Nicholas said...

Anonymous Coward who claims to be a family member of the victim, Thursday, June 21, 2012 2:05:00 AM EDT

Do you mean to say that Jessica was raped, raped again, murdered, and driven to Indiana and thrown in the garbage by a complete stranger?

I didn't think so.

That makes you not only a liar, but a shameless asshole, in the bargain.

"How would u feel if this happened to your family"

This didn't happen to anyone's "family," it was done to Jessica, by her family.

By posting your pathetic rant, I showed much more consideration to you than you did to anyone here, but if you give a repeat performance, I will send you straight to spam.

If you were really a member of Jessica's family, I would think that you'd be too overcome with guilt to open your stinking, miserable mouth.

Anonymous said...

Im am sorry that this happened to this young lady,she did not deserve this. My heart goes out to her family. I was at first offended about the racist remarks, but I really dont care what you have to say about Black tax dollars. Jessica's life can not be measured by white or black dollars.

Anonymous said...

Your really are as DUMB as they come!!!!I know her personally and she would die or kill for her kids,he was a sick bastard and I hope they do to him what he did to her behind bars. Unless you were there and know exactly what happen keep your sorry ass opinion to your self!!!!

Essence said...

That man was never apart of my family he was a obsessed coward that would force his way in our life and the cops did NOTHING so don’t say that’s out family

Anonymous said...

I'm from Chicago john hurt was my cellmate back in 2013 he sat down one day and told me everything that took place on that horrible day i mean all the details that took place once he told me her age at the time of the incident I was taking back I couldn't rap my head around I asked him bro why would you have sex with your girls daughter in return he said that he loved her I knew he was lying about how she died he said that he pushed her over the couch and she broke her neck on the sliding door which I knew was a lie long story short he's fucked up in the head bad I spent almost a year in the cell with dude always kept one eye open

Anonymous said...

You're an idiot. Cave dweller.