Thursday, June 14, 2012

Judge “Little Birdies are Putting Thoughts in My Head” Threatens DA with Contempt: A Knoxville Horror Update

By David in TN

Special Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood today threatened Knox County District Attorney General Randy Nichols with contempt of court, and told Nichols' special counsel he needed to report himself to a state board that polices attorneys.

Blackwood refused to step down from the 2007 torture-murder case of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom. It seems Blackwood expects the state to argue a motion that he recuse himself, before he considers doing so.

There was a fiery exchange between Judge Blackwood and Knox DA Randy Nichols, who was in the courtroom.

Blackwood has said he would revisit his decision in the cases of "alleged" ringleader Lemaricus Davidson and his brother Letalvis Cobbins. In those cases, there was DNA evidence linking them to the rapes of Channon Christian.

Blackwood will not reconsider in the case of George Thomas. There was no forensic evidence against Thomas.

However, he did not make it clear if he intends to change his rulings in the cases of Davidson and Cobbins. Blackwood wants to read the trial transcripts a second time before deciding.

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Anonymous said...

Why do I think they will bollocks this up yet again? I mean jayzus! I cannot think of a case more tailor made for the death penalty. These monsters have to pay. That simple.