Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Unamusement Park: If You’re White, Think You Might Play Good Samaritan to a Protected “Minority,” and aren’t Suicidal… Read This First

Posted by Nicholas Stix

“Minority Violence Against Good Samaritans.”


Anonymous said...

Here's another angle on this same subject.

Just the other day my neighbor from across the street called me up to ask me if I heard what just happened. I didn't but I went over to his house across the street for a smoke and a cup of coffee to calm him down.

My neighbor is a big dude, a veteran, fresh out of the wars. This guy is an old fashioned American who doesn't go for men beating on women.

He told me that a surly black thug was beating on his white girlfriend as she pushed a shopping basket partially full of food(probably some malt liquor too) and two hybrid children.

He remembered my warnings(multiple) not to get involved in any incidents like this as it would serve no point and actually just make lots of trouble for him.

He has accepted the reality of the nature of blacks from his own experiences with them in the military and from observing the blacks that have flooded into this neighborhood.

This guy could take on any three big violent blacks just as I could and win handily but there are extreme consequences for doing so--even in emergency situations.

I won't go on except to say that if things get ugly and there are riots and any threats come this way, the bodies will be piled high on these curbs.

Even more serious than that, is asking the question why are white women doing this to themselves to begin with?

See, the media portrays black/white romances as a wonderful thing except that the reality paints an entirely different picture altogether.

Anyone who really knows what is going on doesn't need to be told this BUT I am mystified that even the happy Kool-Aid drinkers out there haven't picked up on this....

Certainly these people must have happened to catch an episode of Cops, Jerry Springer, Steve Wilco, and the dozens of other shows over the years. which show what black men do to white women and how they treat them.

I don't watch television myself but here and there televisions are on everywhere and if a person like me has seen clips of this madness and even can name the shows, these stupid white women must have seen them too.

After all, what else is there for them to do all day except to watch TV(which seems to be the norm) when they are recovering after they have been beaten and broken by their negro playmates and can do nothing else anyway?

Church of Jed said...

“If living around the noble, dignified, vibrant, and enriching Diversity was really such a good thing, we wouldn’t be so miserable. The only benefit to the White community from its inability to escape the blacks is our deepening appreciation for the memory of Jim Crow segregation. Because of the blacks, we now know that our White privilege is targeted for elimination, and our Whiteness along with it. We are an endangered species. The murders of Channon Christian, Eve Carson, and Brittny Watts by the Diversity call us to a deeper understanding of the costs of racial genocide. We now embrace our White privilege as the one value that reflects who we are as a people, and we commit more will to its defense and perpetuation. Call us racists, we don't care. If racism is a weapon in favor of White survival, then racism should be defined as a holy inspiration written onto our hearts by the finger of God himself. Racism is a virtue in the moral excellences of Whiteness."

-Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “We're now understanding what Diversity really means," 2011