Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Troutdale (Portland) OR: Is There Any Black Kid 13-15 in Town Who isn’t a Racist Rioter? Racist, Black Flashrob Mob Riots in Albertson’s Store:

Fox News Both Reports on and Covers Up Attack
By Nicholas Stix

An anonymous reader tipped me off to this attack, with a link to the Fox report below. Fox however, covered up the crime by refusing to run the video, which I had to dig up from KGW News, via Youtube, before the latter takes it down.

Now, let’s take a look at Troudale’s demographics. The entire town only has 15,692 residents, and as of the 2010 Census, only 2.0 percent (321) of whom are black. There are only about 40 black kids the age of the rioters in the entire town of Troutdale. That means that virtually every black kid that age in Troutdale is a racist rioter!

• White alone - 12,542 (78.6%)
• Hispanic - 1,692 (10.6%)
• Asian alone - 725 (4.5%)
• Two or more races - 468 (2.9%)
• Black alone - 321 (2.0%)
• American Indian alone - 124 (0.8%)
• Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone - 62 (0.4%)
• Other race alone - 28 (0.2%)

Store Security Video, Thanks to KGW News

KGW News video and article published on Jun 18, 2012 by GCrowdy
(KGW) TROUTDALE -- June 18, 2012 - A flash mob targeted a Troutdale store last weekend and investigators are trying to identify the suspects.

Investigators said as many as 40 kids entered the Albertsons store at 25691 SE Stark Street at the same time late Saturday night and started stealing things.

Security officers chased the thieves out, but no one was captured. They also left employees pretty shaken up, including one woman who was in tears after getting terrorized by the robbers.

Investigators have not said exactly how many items were taken.

"Basically it looks like they went in, just to cause chaos, which they accomplished," said Sgt. Steve Bevens with the Troutdale Police Department.

Investigators believe the suspects ranged in age from 13 to 15. They could be seen on surveillance video, roaming from aisle to aisle.

Customers said the store employees were overwhelmed and outnumbered.

"They [thieves] were bragging and laughing about how much stuff they stole and what they did in the store," one witness told KGW.

If caught, the suspects could face several charges including rioting, disorderly conduct and criminal mischief.

This was one of several flash mob-style robberies being investigated in the Portland Metro area over past months.

Anyone with information related to this report can contact Troutdale's crime tip line at 503-618-7633.

* * *

KPTV Fox’s Cover-Up of the Riot Follows

Teen mob “flash robs” Albertsons store
June 18, 2012 8:49 a.m. EDT; updated 12:42 p.m. EDT
By Jolie Wolfe

The search is on for a large group of teenagers who ransacked and robbed the Albertsons store at Southeast 257th Avenue and Stark Street on Saturday night.

Troutdale Police say about 30 young teens walked into the store at 11:30 p.m. and started grabbing merchandise from the shelves while they damaged store property.

The four employees working at the time could only stand back and watch as the scene unfolded. No one tried to stop the teens. No one was injured.

Investigators are hoping surveillance video will identify the teenagers involved.

Anyone with information is being asked to contact Troutdale Police.

The incident is similar to a series of "flash mob" thefts that happened in April. All of those cases were caught on camera.


April 9: Video shows suspected [suspected?!] shoplifting ambush at Portland gas station

April 18: Surveillance video shows suspects in Nordstrom 'flash mob theft'

April 30: Third flash mob theft in past month caught on camera


Anonymous said...

Troutdale is in close proximity to areas of Gresham and Portland that have section 8 housing and a large popoulation of black and hispanics. What used to be a peaceful, quite and safe area is rapidly deteriorating and becoming more crime ridden.

As for flash mobs. I worked briefly in a convenience store back in the 90's, it was on Interstate Ave. which bordered the white/black area of town. This store was one of the most robbed stores in the city, after a week of being shoplifted, harassed and finally an armed robbery (virtually every perp was black) I decided for my own safety to quit.
The store went through seveal owners all of whom threw in the towel after a 6 months or so, finally a Korean family purchased the store and made a go of it. After several robberies and flash mob type incidents (yes, they happened back then but were less organized) the Koreans tried something different. A small room above the front counter was built into the wall, it had a rectangular opening that someone could observe the entire floor with. There an armed member of the family was stationed 24/7. Any time you went into the store you were immediately aware of a pair of eyes observing you and next to them the menacing barrel of a gun. I'm not an armed robber of shoplifter but if I was I'm pretty sure I would lose any desire to committ crime in that store. I did have a short conversation with the owner just before I moved from the area, he told me "We haven't lost so much as a stick of gum since building that room". I guess there's a moral here: Blacks may not understand much but they do know when you can hurt them. Jerry

Refugee Racket Webteam said...

Can any media person speak the truth? These aren't 'teens', they are black savages terrorizing the nonblacks. Period. Is it any wonder the media is ridiculed and scorn?

Anonymous said...


Dear White People, a message.

PDK said...

To promote the distinguishment between young people versus non young people, but not to promote the difference between young blacks versus young whites is an intragal part of liberal MSMs agitproping. Here, as per usual, the intent is to keep both black and white liberal dolts on the democrat plantation.

Liberalism is immaturity. Immaturity denies reality and substitutes a prefered illusion in said realitys stead. These people, the liberal dolts, recieve their primary indoctrination in our liberal controlled, education system, and then have their illusion constantly reinforced by the liberal MSM agitproping machine.

The liberal leaders intend to use democracy to destroy American culture of personal sovereignty, liberty, wealth and the pursuit of happiness, and replace it with socialism, which in turn creates tyranny, poverty and misery for all but those liberal leaders who achieve power, fame and fortune.

Or is there anyone who believes Lenin and Stalin were genuinely noble characters and cared about their people.

For blacks, the prefered illusion is their very own "self created persecution complex". Among other things, it gives blacks all the excuse they need to commit crimes, especially against whites and the white establishment, expressed here as the flash mob crime.

Round up the culprits, give them six months in prison, and take away their voting privilege for life.

Time to end the madness. Thank you.