Monday, June 11, 2012

Knoxville Horror/Lemaricus Davidson Retrial Status: In Limbo, Waiting for What Happens Next

By David in TN

[My legman, David in TN, just sent me the following letter.]

Without the Tennessee Supreme Court throwing it back to Blackwood a couple of weeks ago, we would be sitting in the courtroom this very moment awaiting opening statements in the retrial of "alleged" Knoxville Horror ringleader, Lemaricus Davidson. Jury selection had been scheduled for last week and trial was to start today, June 11.

The new trial for Vanessa Coleman is still presumably set for November.

Nothing has happened in the last few days. Blackwood says retrials are back on, but no dates have been announced. The DA has called for him to step down, he hasn't. We are waiting for what happens next.

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Anonymous said...

It so happens that the child molestation trial of former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky began today. I've watched some of the coverage by Tru TV's In Session.

Sandusky's trial is taking place in a small town with an old-fashioned large court room. Beth Karas, Vinnie Politan and company tell us the courtroom seats 200 spectators with 85 of them being media people.

One day when I was attending Vanessa Coleman's first trial, I counted the seating arrangements. I estimated up to 120 people could be seated in the courtroom. For the three days I was there, the largest number of spectators was 40.

From watching the live stream in the first go-around, Davidson's trial had the most spectators.

When you come to Knoxville for the next Knoxville Horror trial, I don't think you'll have to fight 85 people from the MSM for a seat.

David In TN