Thursday, June 07, 2012

Carter Strange’s Mother, Vicki, Speaks Out!

By Nicholas Stix

On March 24, black reader “lane” left the following rationalization for the racist black lynching of Carter Strange (first item below) at one of my blog items on the case.

Minutes ago, Carter’s mother, Mrs. Vicki Strange (identity unconfirmed), responded.

lane said...

Mrs Vicki stop ! And put it in God hand his mother may not speak out but I will when you let thing go God can fix it or do you want to be God. You are judging a kid that you don't know. What a shame when you say you know God but the thing you are saying is not correct and I know this kid . I hope you never have a problem and as a mother need mercy for your family ,God be with the the people who would judge wrong ( he with out sin cast the stone) watch how you throw those stone, what a man sow he will reap try to reap good even when you fell like you want revenage, revenage is God. Not man

SATURDAY, MARCH 24, 2012 9:45:00 PM EDT

Response by Vicki Strange:

Lane, are you serious. You really want me to stop fighting for justice for someone attempting to kill my son. Well, that is not just irresponsible as a parent, but that is just plain stupid. I have every right in the world to 'judge' this kid, he tried to kill my son. It's called a crime! Do you really believe God expects us to just sit back and let Him do all of the work? Think of it this way . . . . GOd made the squirrel and He made the nut, but He doesn't put the nut in the squirrels nest for th winter, He expects it to do it's part and work for it! God provides, but action is required on our part. To just sit back and say 'let go and let God' is misleading! God opens doors, we are expected to walk through them - and walking is an action word. Think about it. Oh, and since you think you know me so well, if my son did this to another human being, I would put him in jail myself!! You need to stop judging me, read your bible and learn how God expected crimes like this to be dealt with, remember to two that hung on a cross beside Jesus, were mere theives! Until YOU have walked in MY shoes - YOU STOP JUDGING AND PREACHING TO ME!!! YOU are in no place to question MY Christianity - so YOU stop casting the first stone!!! (Vicki Strange)

THURSDAY, JUNE 7, 2012 2:02:00 PM EDT

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Escoffier said...

That retort is a thing of beauty!