Sunday, June 10, 2012

Someone at Milwaukee’s Journal-Sentinel Pulled a Fast One, Promoting a Video Pushing for More Welfare as a Video About Crime Stats

By Nicholas Stix

This video’s title promises something on crime stats, after the paper had just published its biggest exposé on the topic in years, but there’s nothing in the video about that. It’s just pushing for more welfare.

The video was posted through the paper’s official Youtube account, and here is the blurb the welfare-pusher gave it.
George Solomon, 45, stands outside a BP service station that was looted last year by teens after the fireworks on the lakefront. Solomon doesn't believe crime is down in Milwaukee; he was a victim of a robbery last year.

But in the posted video, Solomon doesn’t say a word about crime stats, or a flash rob. He says, “The system has failed” the young racist thugs who are attacking whites. He assumes that “the system,” i.e., white taxpayers, owes blacks every welfare program under the sun, and show-no jobs, and that if “the system” doesn’t provide these expensive freebies, it’s “the system’s” fault. Thus, whites have to accept being robbed, in any event.

How come young whites don’t engage in racist violence when they’re out of work, and how come the media never promote the notion that whites have a right to riot, if they’re not provided with expensive freebies?

“Questioning police department's crime statistics” (Journal-Sentinel title)

Published on Jun 2, 2012 by jsonline

To find what this title promises but fails to deliver, see:

“Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn: ‘The Computer Ate My Crime Stats’”; and

“The Chief Strikes Back: Supporter of Milwaukee PD Chief Ed Flynn Says Flynn is being Smeared.”

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