Sunday, June 17, 2012

Bizarro World AOL Headline: “VICTIM WHO SPURRED LA RIOTS DIES AT 47” (Rodney King Died)

"Rodney King was found dead this morning more than 20 years after his taped beating by...

Tragic details of...

Posted by Nicholas Stix


PDK said...

Cause to celebrate, a proper end to a worthless criminal.

I would bet, when the coroner finishes, old Rodney boy has the same drugs and alcohol in him he had back on that fatefull day in 3/91.

Perhaps to atone for their murders and rioting from the Rodney fiasco, the black community could acknowlegde their debt to America, and pay it.

Not very likely however, as the real reason blacks rioted and murdered was to defend and protect the black, self created, persecution complex. Without said complex they have no more excuses for their continuing on at the bottom of our culture, and they would then be exposed as the true losers they are because of their own failure to mature.

Good riddence Rodney, glad you checked out, offed yourself, it was the only decent thing you ever did for humanity and America.

I suppose Rodney could be makeing way for the coming Trayvon riots, as once again their only excuse for their loser status has been exposed, the black, self created, persecution complex.

Well, thanks again Rodney, and BTW, don`t bother asking Peter why he won`t open the pearly gates for you, your place is not in heaven, but rather, in hell. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Wow, only on the internet are you going to find the truth and see it out in the open so clearly.

Blacks almost unanimously feel that this Rodney King was an almost sainted individual, if not a full saint or even a demigod, who was a complete victim of racism.

Whites see it completely differently, although not so monolithically. There are a few pseudo intellectuals and pseudo moralists who refuse to admit that they are wrong and have a desperate need to take of their rose colored glasses before they can see the situation clearly.

Then we have the others, the Mexicans, the Asians, and all the rest who don't care one way or another. Not really even from the Koreans who bravely defended themselves against the savage mobs.

All this alone says a few obvious things. We do not see things anywhere close to the same way, we believe in completely different ways regarding values and the basic concepts of right and wrong.

We never will see eye to eye on anything. It's time to stop denying this reality. We can not live together or really get along in a way that makes a nation out of our two groups.

We have been under a civil war for decades and there are only two options. Either we a killed off by them or we fight back and push back.

The only way we can live, actually live again, it to erect total segregation again.

All of those who cry and wail on behalf of the black will be more than welcome to cross over into their territories, but that along with their crocodile tears will stop immediately after one or two groups braves it and goes in.

This whole diversity and multicultural crap is for us "lessers" not the self appointed elites. When the divisions go up all those who preached and forced the cult religion of diversity on us will be FORCED into the balck areas so they practice what they preach.

I know, I know, really--it's just for some ironic justice. Who cares?

PDK said...

Actually anonymous, I have made no bones about my belief for non liberals to migrat to republican states and to then declare independence.

The 35% of whites, 95% of blacks and 70% of hispanics that comprize the liberal mindset, and therefore the democrat party, would be left behind.

Upon declaring independence, laws outlawing liberalism and its socialism, Islam and illegals would be enacted. Walls could be built with time as obviously when those parasites begin to starve they will turn barbarian, and we will need to protect ourselves.

This undertaking will not be easy, however I see no other viable way to save American, founding fathers culture, of personal sovereignty, liberty, wealth and the pursuit of happiness.

All psuedo Americans, liberals, the immature, whatever their race may be, can all live happily in their own country paying for their philosophy of immaturity, by themselves, without the possibility of dumping that price upon the rest of us.

I realize people will just find the effort to much, but the alternative just may be the end of American sovereignty and culture.

That would be the shame of our generation. Thank you.

Anonymous said...


I am not exaggerating or wrong in any way when I say that not only will America NOT survive in its current form for much longer, not past 2020--no way; not at the rate this whole thing is going now.

Many, many whites will not only continue to be added to the casualty lists of the blacks--it's only going to get worse, much worse; so much worse it makes me ill to think about.

Far from bringing peace between the races, the mulatto Obama(or whatever his real name is) has opened up gaping, deadly, infected wounds that will NEVER heal, never.

All the PC and other cultural Marxism we have been bombarded with has not stopped many people from seeing clearly what is going on.

Go to any white liberal area, even they stick to themselves but will never admit that they too prefer the company of their own kind. My problem with them is that they bash those of us who know and say it how it is.

Sure, many whites are still under the different spells which keep their attention focused on what's really going on, but that will be changing big-time, very soon.

Heck, the momentum and the killings just keep growing and getting more vicious and brutal by the day. Watch as the summer progresses, watch them hit a high.

Come on, is it any coincidence that the MSM has been in its death spiral, and this year has been the worst year for them ever, and next year will be hopefully even worse. Their lies and spin is no longer working, people are rejecting the lies and conditioning in great numbers.

I think Obama and his pals will do everything they can to calm this black genie of death down when it comes out of the bottle completely by the 4th of July, but that genie isn't going back in the bottle on its own or by force.

I would say that by late September or early October this will really starting getting ugly.

Now, I might be off on the dates of when this all goes down this summer and just prior to the elections but that's where I see it happening. Never do I forget that think tanks are hard at work trying to form people and ideas which allow them and their ideas prevail.

I don't think this black Frankenstein can be controlled by its master any longer. Either way, in a few short years things will really explode.

Even Pat Buchanan says that America will fall by 2025.

Now is the time to get our own groups together and seriously decide which states we will take and how we are going to get this done.

I know that there is the plan for whites to take the Pacific Northwest, there are other plans for taking the Appalachian region, and others.

All I know is that is past time we begin to bring these realities and solutions up and get them to be talked about in the general dialog.

Anonymous said...

Seems like he could swim about as well as he could drive.

I do believe I read something about foul play is suspected in his death, however.