Saturday, June 09, 2012

I’ll Bet You Never Heard of Mass Murderer David Burke, Who Killed 43 42 People at One Time

By Nicholas Stix

Why do you think that is?

Unless I’m mistaken, prior to the New York City Happy Land Arson, David Burke was the most prolific mass murderer in American history.

But I had never heard of him either, until I read about him at the amazing, wildly ambitious new crime blog, Black racism and race hatred of non blacks.


Mass murderer David Burke


PDK said...

I had never heard of David Burke either, so I looked him up on wikipedia, turns out he was the proverbial black loser thug doing his black loser thug thing.

In 1905, Thomas Dixon Jr., wrote "The Clansman". It romantically portrayed the KKK as the savior of white America. The original Klans life was brief, 1865-1872, as it was shut down by USGrant and federal troops. Born in Tennesse, its name means "circle of brothers".

In 1915 Dixons novel was turned into a motion picture. D.W. Griffith directed the epic which became very popular and made a lot of money at the box office. I finally saw this film around 2000, and saw its message as "if blacks are allowed participation and are enfranchized into American, white culture, they will destroy that culture because of their lowbrow attitude and behavior". This movie resurected the KKK.

I believe most people of today would see the film as reflecting the fears and prejudices of the whites from that time frame. Liberals, who controll the MSM and educational enterprizes, surely would.

Ever since 1965 with the Immigration and Reform Act, and LBJs Great Society welfare program, America has been sinking into an abyss.

Among other things, the boldness of black crime has been rising at a disgusting rate. The liberal MSM won`t report it because liberals need blacks to stay on the democrat plantation to help keep liberals and democrats in power pursuing their illusion towards Utopia, with them naturally at the top.

Blacks are portrayed as the victims of white persecution and whites as evil, racist people. This is of course the exact opposite of reality.

As black on white crime continues to rise, especially in the murder, rape and mugging catagories, the movie "Birth of a Nation" begins to appear more correct than any normal person would have thuoght.

I suppose if the liberal MSM reported the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the whole truth, the KKK might rise again for the fourth time.

I am not a supremicist nor a racist, however I am probably a white nationalist. Among other things, blacks must be pushed into maturity via tough laws coming down on them for their insane illusion, the black, self created persecution complex and attitude.

Those who murder should be executed. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I too never heard of this story. Strange that this was never mentioned following 911 don't you think? I read quite a bit and never heard of this incident mentioned on any of the types of sites that usually would make reference to it.

This is not to say that the bloggers and reporters who I have read over the years were ignorant, it just goes to show the power of the PC censorship machine.

Thankfully, more and more bloggers are cataloging all the forgotten and/or censored crimes so that someday soon the craziness of Black Run America can come to a screeching end.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

so sad inbredders and coward clans men were given the internet to learn how to read or try to!! it wont help you tho... you have lost and your own kind have lost there way!! need to leave this great country or die!!

Anonymous said...

Documentation showing Burke had racist chip on shoulder:

Family Defends Burke Despite Evidence With AM-Plane Crash, Bjt
AP , Associated Press
Dec. 11, 1987 7:39 PM ET

“On July 15, Burke complained to the state Department of Fair Employment and Housing that he had been passed over twice for promotion to customer service supervisor.

“Burke alleged white workers with less experience were promoted to the supervisory positions and blamed Thomson for the alleged discrimination. But he decided against filing a formal complaint, said Annabella Hwa, the department's district manager in Los Angeles.”