Monday, June 25, 2012

Exposing the Black Talented Tenth

By Burgess Owens

[N.S.: I was honored that NFL great, Burgess Owens, would send me this excerpt from his forthcoming book, It’s All about Team- Exposing the Black Talented Tenth. I will notify my readers when Owens’ book is published, which should occur anytime over the next three months, but keep an eye out for it.]

“The Negro race, like all races, is going to be saved by its exceptional men. The problem of education, then, among Negroes must first of all deal with the Talented Tenth; it is the problem of developing the “Best of this Race” that they may guide the Mass away from the contamination and death of the Worst, in their own and other races...

W.E.B Dubois

This was the description in 1910 of the professional, educated and elitist black professionals who W.E.B Dubois first termed, “The Talented Tenth.” Dubois, was the first Black American to graduate from Harvard. He was accepted within the northern white intellectual circles as one of the “best of his race.” As an avowed Socialist, he was the only Black member of the original 19 wealthy, white Socialist founders of the NAACP. He was to represent the face of the NAACP and be their messenger to the black community through its magazine, The Crisis. He would later serve on the board of eugenicist and racist Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, as she began her foray of abortions into the Black community. According to her writings, her view of blacks and other minorities was succinct…“human weeds,' 'reckless breeders,' 'spawning... human beings who never should have been born.”

W.E.B Dubois used the NAACP platform for two decades to discredit the character, reputation, and fundraising efforts of capitalist and Tuskegee University founder, Booker T. Washington. Washington’s message of industry and self-sufficiency was eventually replaced by the NAACP’s message of “integration at all cost” and unionization. Dubois, later in his life, would join the Communist Party and renounce his American citizenship. His “integration at all cost” message would, decades later, continue to influence the community’s self-perception. It is here where there is a devaluated worth of black goods, services, schools and communities when stacked against its white counterpart. Dubois’s reward for sharing and promoting the goals of the liberal/socialist organizations he represented was honor, national prestige, and a good job. He, unlike the visionary capitalist, Booker T. Washington, has been treated kindly in the history books as an intellectual hero. .

The Talented Tenth is alive and well today and visible in all arenas of prominence. “That they may guide the Mass away from the contamination and death of the Worst, in their own and other races.” As they elevate themselves from the masses, they ensure their success and that of their fellow Talented Tenth friends. They are the black liberal academia, who from the safety of their tenured jobs skew capitalism and promote socialism, they are the professional black legislatures who legislate barriers that keep poor black children from a quality education, poor black teenagers from employment, and black entrepreneurs from competing with labor unions for federal projects. They are the black developers and managers, the slumlords, who have garnered tens of millions in wealth from “help the poor” federal funds, while their tenants live in squalor. They are the wealthy black entertainers who confuse humbleness with elitist condescension and the community organizers who march for the downtrodden, and then jump in front of the line when the Federal goodies come or a hosting job for MSNBC.

This is the group that with the encouragement of liberal/socialist organizations guided a proud and productive mid-20th century black race away from capitalism and industry to one that would spend decades demanding the industry of others. In 1900 Booker T. Washington labeled them as “Problem profiteers…There is a class of colored people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. …… - partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs."…

This group has been the most ardent enemy of the black community and represents its most seductive and deadly Trojan Horse. They come as if from the community bearing gifts… but instead of sharing encouragement and hope, they who live the American dream, offer a message of hopelessness and actions of obstructionism, making it almost impossible for the masses to experience the American Dream. Their influence will wane once, through the power of capitalism and competition, the American people decide that their product… hopelessness... is no longer of any value. This could be the beginning.

Burgess Owens

Burgess was the 3rd Black American Student-Athlete given a scholarship at University of Miami, graduating with a B.S in Biology. He was a 1st round draft choice for the NY Jets and concluded his career with the World Champion Oakland Raiders. His post-NFL career has been in corporate sales and as an entrepreneur.

Burgess has a soon-to-be released book
, It’s All about Team- Exposing the Black Talented Tenth.


PDK said...

Although blacks are more easily duped than whites, this is the goal of all liberal leaders, for all people, of planet earth.

These pied piper, libral leaders are the "progressives", who are leading their minion liberal dolts down the slope and into the abyss. Their "dream" is a two tier culture with themselves occuping the top tier, lording over, good Shepparding their lowly minion flock, while enjoying the high life of power, fame and fortune. The racist, anti American, BHO, and the feminist Hillary Clinton are two current examples.

The liberal dolts to be lorded over, the liberal minion flock, the hugh masses of the great unwashed, the hoi polloi, are to occupy the lower tier, floundering about in tyranny, poverty and misery.

This is the liberal Utopia of socialism. As with Islam, these liberal leaders and minion dolts are anti-nationalist, pro-globalist, pursuing a one world, new world order.

Liberalism is the failure to embrace ones personal responsibility to mature. Liberalism is immaturity. Immaturity denies reality and substitutes a prefered illusion in said realitys stead.

For liberal whites, one shared illusion, which serves as the unspoken premise to all liberal arguments is "the white man is evil". The liberal black shared illusion is the black, self created, "persecution" complex.

The liberals illusions are maintained, nutured, protected and defended because stripped of their illusions the problems with their lives is their failure to mature, and it is the maturation process they are avoiding to begin with.

If justice is served in the GZ trial, the blacks, having been duped into displaying the common black illusion of persecution will be forced to defend the illusion by rioting, murdering and looting or admit their illusion is BS and embrace their maturation process. This, of course, they will not do.

The secular liberals and the religion of Islam, both are pursuing a one world, new world order that will be ruled under the two tier governence spoken of earlier in the comment. Democracy is the choice for both of these "good bed fellows" to achieve their pursuit.

A separating out from liberals and Islamics, by non-liberals and non-Islamics, into a chosen territory, followed by a declaration of independence is probably the only viable solution to the madness of the immature. First order of bussiness is to outlaw liberalism, Islam and illegals, followed by strict immigration policies.

For those, myself included, who are just plain sick and tired of black, out of control crime, this effort would leave behind 95% of blacks, and all their crime of murder, rape, robbery, thuggery and of immoral wealth transference from whites to black liberal leaders such as Sharpton and Jackson.

Liberalism, this includes 95% of blacks, is the enemy within. Islam is the enemy from without.

"Liberty, once lost, is lost forever". John Adams, American patriot, founding father and President.

Woe will be humanity, when all are enslaved to Islamic insanity.

Socialism has killed and or murdered more people in the twentieth century than all wars for the last millenium. Islam has murdered more people than any one, or thing, of all time.

Let us end the madness. Come to republican states and let us then declare our independence. Thank you.

Sheila said...

Interesting post, with three major caveats. The claim that mid-20th century blacks were a "proud and productive race" is an extreme exaggeration - particularly in the "productive" part. The author essentially lays all blame for black dysfunction on black race panderers and White liberals, ignoring inherent IQ differences, testosterone differences, and impulse control differences. Finally, the talented tenth is really the talented 1/10 - i.e. the 0.1%. The black middle class (i.e. government-employed bureaucrats) are neither talented nor productive - nor a tenth of the black population.

Steve Kahnel said...

"Although blacks are more easily duped than whites, this is the goal of all liberal leaders, for all people, of planet earth."

-Lets not forget that blacks are currently receiving a lot of benefits from all of this, whereas the average white is receiving an overall negative package from the liberals. This actually explains alot of why blacks are more supportive than whites of liberalism. Though its true that they are white elephant gifts in the long run...

"Finally, the talented tenth is really the talented 1/10 - i.e. the 0.1%"

- 0.1% is 1/1000, not 1/10...

"The claim that mid-20th century blacks were a "proud and productive race" is an extreme exaggeration - particularly in the "productive" part."

- Blacks actually were more productive as a group and better behaved in the 50s than now. Though it is true that they were not as much so as whites.