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Black New York Mobs Shout “Dirty Jew!” and “Dirty Kike!,” While Attacking Orthodox Jews

By Nicholas Stix

Well, at least The Post published stories on this everyday occurrence, for a change.

Circa October, 2008, a black woman who worked with The Boss told her on two separate occasions of black attacks on Orthodox Jews in Far Rockaway, Queens, where the woman lived, and where The Boss and I were both living when we met, way back when. In each case, the woman reported seeing an Orthodox Jewish man running down Cornaga Avenue (near the NYPD’s 1-0-1 Precinct), the back of his suit jacket or coat slashed by razors, box cutters, or some similar weapon.

At the time, I found no media reports on the attacks.

(As I foolishly neglected to write down the incidents when The Boss told me, while I am certain that they took place in September or October, they could have occurred in 2007, rather than 2008. I’ve got too many crimes in my head, and since these were never reported by the media, there’s nowhere to check.)

When we lived in Far Rock during the mid-to-late 1990s, the area was about 80 percent black, 15 percent Spanish, and perhaps five percent white. The whites were split between folks who averaged 75-80 years of age, and lived in what had originally been senior citizen housing (but had since been flooded with phony “disability” cases like black and Puerto Rican thug alcoholics, who got nurse and cleaning services, and had money for local prostitutes), and a small clan of Orthodox Jews who had—and still have—an outpost on Beach 9th Street, way at the East End.

A couple of years later, the local newspaper, The Wave, published a letter from a man who complained about black anti-Semitism in the area.

This was highly unusual, as The Wave, like other New York typically refused to publish letters about or report on black racism or anti-Semitism, no matter how egregious, while publishing and reporting black supremacists’ claims of victimization at the hands of whites, no matter how phony.

A week or two later, the newspaper published a letter, purportedly from an Orthodox Jew, denouncing the first letter writer. The denunciation asserted that relations between blacks and Jews were perfectly wonderful.

In May or June, 2010, I was leaving my son’s school after dropping him off in the morning and watching the saying of The Pledge and the singing of “God Bless America.”

I stopped to admire a grand, classic, American jalopy, over 20 years old, yet in mint condition, that someone was selling. I can’t recall the model, but it was one of the few types (a Town Car, perhaps? Owners of old Town Cars make a religion of maintaining their vehicles) that still evoked the grand American cars of yore.

A lovely Orthodox lady of a certain age was also admiring it. She told me she was considering buying it for her daughter-in-law.

Since we were already talking about this ‘n that, I brought up the incidents from a couple of years earlier, and the curious correspondence in the newspaper. She said that the denunciatory letter would have been a defensive maneuver, in order to protect real estate values. If word got out that blacks were brutalizing Jews at will, house prices would tank.

With my natural political mentality, that angle had never occurred to me, but it made instant sense.

The notion that blacks and Jews of any denomination are natural allies is a myth that was invented by rich, leftwing Jews, who enjoy layers of buffering from black thugs, and which has served those Jews and their powerful black allies very well over the years, but which has caused ordinary Jews nothing but tsurris.

* * *

Anti-Jewish crime wave
By Reuven Fenton, Julia Marsh and Dan Macleod
June 20, 2012, 2:34 a.m., last updated: 12:17 p.m.
New York Post

Hatemongers have targeted Brooklyn’s Orthodox community with a vicious assault, a string of synagogue thefts and anti-Semitic vandalism targeting synagogues and Jewish neighborhoods.

In the most disturbing incident, a mob of six black teenagers shouting, “Dirty Jew!” and “Dirty kike!” repeatedly bashed Marc Heinberg, 61, as he walked home from temple in Sheepshead Bay last Friday at 9:15 p.m.

A thief or thieves also swiped seven silver ataras — decorative neckbands worth up to $600 each that are part of Orthodox prayer shawls — from five synagogues in Midwood last week.

And yesterday, vandals armed with a BB gun shot out windows of a dozen cars on Lee Avenue in Williamsburg, while a punk wrote “F--k Jews” in 3-by-3-foot letters at the Kererster synagogue on Berry Street.

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