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Crime Pays When You’ve Got a Crooked Judge on Your Side, but What if the Jurist is Changed? Some Very Bad and Some Potentially Very Good News from the D.C. U.S. Attorney’s Office, Regarding the Inauguration Day Riot Trials



By Nicholas Stix

I got the following press release from the D.C. USA’s Office after hours, on Thursday:

The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia has filed notice with the Court that it is exercising its discretion and moving forward with the prosecution of 59 defendants indicted on felony charges related to the rioting that took place on January 20, 2017, in Washington D.C. The government will be filing motions to dismiss without prejudice the indictment against the other remaining 129 defendants so that it can focus its efforts on this smaller, core group that we believe is most responsible for the destruction and violence that took place on Inauguration Day.
The second (next) set of trials, of

Olivia Alsip
Jashua Barnak
Daniel Meltzer
Gabriel Mielke
Spencer Kaaz
Carlo Piantini

are scheduled to begin on March 5, 2018.

The last scheduled trial, of Michael Loadenthal alone, is planned to begin on October 29, 2018.

If Supervising Judge Lynne Leibovitz presides over the remaining 59 cases, look for most or all of the defendants to be acquitted, and no convicts to do any time. Judge Leibovitz is apparently on a mission to make a mockery of justice. However, Chief Judge Robert Morin is named at the end of the defendants’ list, which sounds like more good news. (I do not know Judge Morin’s history well enough to judge him.)

Judge Leibovitz was so prejudiced in her conduct during the trial that she banned all officers of the court and all witnesses from ever so much as uttering the phrases “Black Bloc” or “ANTIFA” in her courtroom. That order made it impossible for the prosecution to make its case.

Imagine if during the late John Gotti’s various federal trials for racketeering and murder, the judges had forbidden the prosecution from ever uttering “the mafia,” “cosa nostra,” “organized crime,” “Gambino crime family,” “the don,” or any terms like them? The fix would be in, just as much as if Gotti’s people had bribed a juror.

U.S. Attorney Jessie K. Liu, and Assistant USAs Jennifer A. Kerkhoff and Rizwan Qureshi, the prosecutors from the Liebovitz trial responded on January 18 with defiance.



On January 20, 2017, several hundred people met in and around Logan Circle in Washington, D.C., to participate in an anti-capitalist march without a parade permit. This unpermitted anti-capitalist march was advertised and planned, with instructions for participants to wear black clothing In addition, the term “black bloc” was used by organizers in planning meetings. The planned use of a black bloc is significant in this case. The term “black bloc” refers to a tactic, not a particular group or organization, and is frequently used when participants within the larger black-bloc group intend to commit violence or destruction of property

On January 20, 2017, several hundred people participated in a black bloc as part of the unpermitted anti-capitalist march that started in Logan Circle and moved through downtown DC. At or about 10:19 AM on January 20, 2017, a black bloc moved south from Logan Circle on 13th Street NW. Within minutes of leaving Logan Circle, individuals participating in the black bloc
began to destroy or damage public and private property. The black bloc continued moving through the streets of the District of Columbia for approximately sixteen (16) blocks for more than thirty (30) minutes, while participants in the black bloc continued to destroy or damage property as the group moved. It was a riot. At approximately 10:52 AM on January 20, 2017, after law enforcement formed a police line in the area of 12th and L Streets NW, approximately 200 members of the black bloc charged the police line that was attempting to contain the black bloc in the area of 12th and L Streets NW, Washington, D.C. Although some black bloc participants were able to break through the police line, law enforcement was ultimately able to contain what remained of the black bloc….
See Prosecutors proceed against 59 inauguration rioters, charges against 129 dropped, Taking in Issues, January 18, 2018.

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The names of the 59 remaining defendants, including those set for trial on March 5, 2018, including their case numbers and trial dates, respectively, follow:

Akerich, Christopher 2017CF2001160 10/15/18
Allen, Richard 2017CF2001155 10/15/18
Alsip, Olivia 2017CF2001206 3/5/18
Andoni, Ramiz 2017CF2001338 7/23/18
Armbruster, Nicole 2017CF2001224 4/23/18
Backus, Steven 2017CF2001225 6/25/18
Bajpai, Vishal 2017CF2001215 8/6/18
Barnak, Jashua 2017CF2001165 3/5/18
Basillas, Michael 2017CF2001334 5/14/18
Beale, Cassandra 2017CF2001189 5/29/18
Bickard, Edward 2017CF2001335 5/14/18
Bogin, William 2017CF2001243 7/16/18
Brewer, Philip 2017CF2001213 9/10/18
Cabeza, Carlos 2017CF2001322 7/23/18
Cadman, Seth 2017CF2001172 4/30/18
Cain, Kimberly 2017CF2001300 3/26/18
Cantu, Aaron 2017CF2001304 10/15/18
Carter, Molly 2017CF2001380 5/29/18
Dalto, Issac 2017CF2001349 5/7/18
Espaillat, Mally 2017CF2001296 3/26/18
Fassler, Ella 2017CF2001198 9/17/18
Felice, Anthony 2017CF2001163 3/26/18
Glaser, Phillip 2017CF2001368 5/29/18
Golenberg, Saline 2017CF2001383 6/11/18
Gonzalez, Michael 2017CF2001245 10/1/18
Grant, Lan 2017CF2001307 5/14/18
Grazio, Alexa 2017CF2001169 6/4/18
Hessler, Matthew 2017CF2007212 4/17/18
Hoopes, James 2017CF2001238 3/26/18
Hyndman, Peter 2017CF2001252 8/20/18
Jones, Patrick 2017CF2001333 7/23/18
Kaaz, Spencer 2017CF2001212 3/5/18
Lagesse, Elizabeth 2017CF2001356 7/9/18
Litchfield, Christopher 2017CF2001235 4/17/18
Loadenthal, Michael 2017CF2001246 10/29/18
Lupo, Joseph 2017CF2001320 9/17/18
Mabirou, Duke 2017CF2001201 8/6/18
Martinez, Rudy 2017CF2001161 7/16/18
Matthews, Marisa 2017CF2001237 8/6/18
Mcgowan-Arnold, Luke 2017CF2001241 6/18/18
Meltzer, Daniel 2017CF2001176 3/5/18
Mielke, Gabriel 2017CF2001149 3/5/18
Petrohilos, Dylan 2017CF2007216 4/17/18
Phipps, Emeline 2017CF2001311 7/9/18
Piantini, Carlo 2017CF2001174 3/5/18
Powell, Cameron 2017CF2001234 8/20/18
Retherford, Clay 2017CF2001378 4/17/18
Richardson, Colton 2017CF2001247 3/26/18
Roncales, Rosa 2017CF2001295 8/6/18
Setzer, Randall 2017CF2001227 8/20/18
Steffon, Joan 2017CF2001326 3/26/18
Strasburger, Breton 2017CF2001257 6/4/18
Unger, Caroline 2017CF2001355 4/17/18
Valencia, Christian 2017CF2001203 4/23/18
Vasquez, Arturo 2017CF2001369 5/29/18
Webber, Casey 2017CF2001156 5/7/18
Webermann, Michael 2017CF2001242 9/10/18
Weilein, Oliver 2017CF2001344 4/23/18
Wright, Kyle 2017CF2007213 6/4/18

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