Sunday, June 25, 2023

It happened again! A ground crew member walked too close to a taxiing airliner, and got "ingested"

By A Texas Reader
saturday, june 24, 2023 at 04:29:12p.m. edt

"'delta flight 1111 was taxying to the gate, with one engine on at that time, and a worker was ingested into that engine at 10:25 p.m," the ntsb said in a statement. "the ntsb has been in contact with delta. they are in the information gathering process at..."

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Anonymous said...

blacks are a rare delicacy for airplanes to eat.This is the second time it's happened--a plane ate a person--the first was a fat black--a couple years ago . This incident,we don't know,but I will assume word is getting around and other planes will want their own taste of dark meat.Soon,pilots won't be able to control their airborne planes,when flying over Detroit,Atlanta,New Orleans,Baltimore or Chicago--they will dip down to snatch a black for an inflight snack--right off the street.

A disproportionate thing,but "a plane's gotta do what a plane's gotta do ."

And "a full plane is a happy plane."