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raceless savages continue to run amok, torturing and burning invisible people alive: the rsa needs animal control as much as we do.....

By Merlin
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The RSA needs animal control as much as we do.....

south african Couple Tortured to Death [sic], Set on Fire While Still Alive

By  Jun. 6, 2023 9:30 a.m.
N.S.: "The enemy walks around like a roaring lion": Sounds just like home.
Pray for Hennie and Anneke Claassen


Last week, Gateway Pundit reported that farm murders in South Africa were declining even as murder rates in the Rainbow Nation exploded to three per hour. Tragically, there have been seven farm murders since last week, including two elderly couples brutally killed on the weekend.

Hennie and Anneke Claassen were brutally tortured and murdered on a farm outside Ohrigstad, while Pierre and Belinda de Kock were murdered on their farm outside Piketberg.

Hennie and Anneke Claassen (77 and 73) were the owners and managers of Echo Caves tourist attraction in Limpopo province (formerly Northern Transvaal). The incident happened on Saturday, 3 June 2023 around 1:30 p.m.

Both Anneke and Hennie were tortured before being tragically set on fire while still alive, The South African reports: "Anneke's son, Jan-DaniĆ«l Claasen, told Netwerk24 it seemed like two or three armed men overpowered her and dragged her to a passage where they set her alight while she was still alive. He said his mom was burned beyond recognition.  Hennie was locked in a room in a separate farmhouse before the attacker set the place alight with him inside.

No arrests have been made.

Rest in Peace Anneke & Hennie Claassen. Your senseless murders were pure savagery. The destruction of SAPS & the rule of law in South Africa leaves loving humans like you to burn to death after severe torture. It breaks my heart, it nauseates me. Mr President, SAY THEIR NAMES!

— Ian Cameron (@IanCameron23) June 5, 2023

Another double murder took place in Piketberg in the Western Cape. The bodies of Pierre and Belinda de Kock were found by a worker on their farm on Sunday 4 June 2023, South Africa Today reports.

Another couple murdered on a farm this weekend. Their names are Pierre and Belinda De Kock. They were killed on their farm Aurora close to Piketberg in the Western Cape. Say their names MR President! They are NOT just numbers!

— Ian Cameron (@IanCameron23) June 5, 2023

On June 1, 26-year-old farm manager Sibulele Potela was shot to death in the Eastern Cape near Cookhouse.

Farm manager Sibulele Potela also shot in the head and killed in the Eastern Cape near Cookhouse on Thursday. #FarmMurder

— Boer (@twatterbaas) June 5, 2023

A defenseless 84-year-old woman was attacked and brutally tortured by eight men on a farm in Leeufontein in Bronkhorstspruit during the early hours of Thursday, June 1, according to The South African. Eight unknown men gained entry to the property and woke the elderly woman up with a torchlight in her eyes, according to police spokesperson Captain Kay Makhubela: "The 84-year-old woman was dragged, and her hands and feet burnt with the blow torch. She was left in a locked bathroom. Her employee was also tied up at the back of the house, and the suspects drove away with the victim's Ford ranger bakkie (pick-up truck), household possessions, and cash." The injured woman was taken to a hospital for medical assistance.

The civil rights organisation AfriForum appealed to farmers and rural residents to step up their security and preparedness. According to AfriForum, there have been at least seven farm murders nationwide in the past week:

"AfriForum urges farmers and rural residents to urgently get involved with their local neighbourhood or farm watches. The only way to curb these horrific attacks is for communities to mobilize and step up their preparedness," said AfriForum spokesperson for Community Safety Jacques Broodryk. "The brutal way in which these crimes are carried out is a clear indication that this is not just ordinary crime. AfriForum will continue to put pressure on the government and demand that farm attacks be declared a priority crime and receive the necessary attention from the authorities"

"As has long been the case, the murders of our people are not adequately reported by the mainstream media. Not only farm murders, but also murders of our people in the cities," said civil defense organization Suidlanders. "We would like to call all our members to intercession and preparedness. Our security is our own responsibility and the enemy walks around like a roaring lion. Become part of your local area's safety initiatives and it's never too late to start the process for a legal firearm.


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