Thursday, June 29, 2023

blackterial infection diagnosis: “in the clear”—Madonna Ciccone goes home

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
thursday, june 29, 2023 at 3:53:00 p.m. edt

“(bbc) Madonna Ciccone has been discharged from hospital and is home and feeling better after an intensive care stay, the bbc understands.

[GRA: bbc? That’s what started all this—bacterialized black cucumber.]

“news of her ill health was shared by her manager, who said she had suffered a ‘serious bacterial infection.’”

“the 64-year-old was due to begin a seven-month world tour in the coming weeks, but has had to postpone it.

“she was taken to her new york home in a private ambulance, a source told cnn, adding: “She’s in the clear.”

GRA: Until she hooks up with Jacquarious again.



Anonymous said...

We are saved. The whole world is saved. Thankfully all for the best. I speak with a degree of sarcasm not totally justified.

Anonymous said...


Gene Rayburn:Okay,all our celebrities have finished writing down their answers to this question:

Madonna was rushed to emergency. After many tests,the doctor walked into Madonna's room and told her,"We've made a diagnosis and you have--BLANK."

Our contestant said,"the flu." Let's go to our celebrities.Paul Lynde,taking time off from the Hollywood Squares,what did you say?

Paul Lynde:GON-OH-REE-AH(laughs)

Brett Somers:Not the flu--hon--I said,Syphilis.

Charles Nelson Reilly:I said,a black fetus--father unknown.

Elaine Joyce:Sickle cell?

Richard Dawson:Charles was on the right track(flips card)--a 20 year old black--on welfare--living in her uterus(laughs).

Betty White:Oh,you copied my answer--except I said,a 30 year old black--on welfare--living in her uterus.

Rayburn:Well,I don't know who copied who,but both are fine responses. However,no matches for our contestant--and we've run out of time.Come back tomorrow for more MATCH Game 2023.


Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Wonder how much time "Mad"Donna has in this world if Jacquarious, Jacktavious or whatever, worms his way into her will? I'd give her 6 months as most.