Thursday, June 29, 2023

The amish died of the kung flu at a rate one-ninetieth of the rest of America

By R.C.
thursday, june 29, 2023 at 10:46:09 a.m. edt

Steve Kirsch: "the amish died of covid at a rate 90 TIMES LOWER [sic] than the rest of America."


The amish are a great control group.

So, when will the cdc and fda be eliminated?

I am waiting.

N.S.: He's innumerate. There's no such thing as "90 times lower." I'm guessing he meant, one-ninetieth.


Anonymous said...

Lead the natural life without vices. Eat the correct balanced diet, lots of exercise, positive mental attitude, etc.

Anonymous said...

And they avoided the clot shot which lowers the immune system. I suspect another factor--and this is just speculation--that Amish take care of their own aged parents rather than sticking them in nursing homes where so many died of Covid. Finally, hospitalization killed many because hospitals were paid money for pushing Remdesivir (a deadly drug) and for using ventilators where most died. If Amish avoided hospitals they would have been less likely to die.