Sunday, June 25, 2023

list of 50 worst charities

By "W"
sunday, june 25, 2023 at 05:02:59 p.m.

list of 50 worst charities

splc was on this list. don't know if they still are, since their staff and board overhaul.


Anonymous said...

Almost all charities no good. Very little of the money contributed actually gets to recipients that need it. At one time Red Cross and Salvation Army doing good. Maybe not anymore at least for the former.

Anonymous said...

Top Ten Worst Charities to give to:

10.The Sixth Transgender Surgery Fund
After surgically switching from one gender to another 5 times,a person getting the sixth surgery doesn't have much left to work with. Don't contribute.

9.)The "blacks Skinnier than Jimmy Walker" Fund
Charity claims they will feed any blacks skinnier than the former star of "Good Times" was in 1973,but it's a scam. There never was --before or after--a black skinnier than Jimmy(J.J.)Walker .The fund keeps all of the money by default.

8.Honest blacks of America Charity
Any charity suggesting there are honest blacks is lying--AVOID.

7.The Joe Biden Should Run Again Organization.
Possibly started by Kamala Harris,but unconfirmed.If true,it shows you how nuts she is,though it may mean she knows her limitations--understudy to a dementia patient--or like we said--she's just nuts.

6.Sober Mex Fund
Claims to assist drunk Mex who want to be sober.Again,no such person exists--Mex charity personnel keep 100% of the donations and get drunk with it.
Others include:
5.The Bring Back Will Smith To The Oscars Charity
4.The Assist Queers to Adopt Charity
3.)The black spellcheck
Relying totally on donations to run,this app is for blacks who need hemp with theiir speeling.
2.The Charity to Promote black Whiffleball as Our National Pastime.

And finally:


Anonymous said...

Administrators chosen for high position these charities for their fund raising ability. Funds when raised mostly paying for high salary.