Monday, June 26, 2023

"Why Jake Gardner Died"

White martyr, Jake Gardner

By N.S.

"White defendants accused of racially sensitive crimes can’t assume that the legal system will treat them fairly."


Anonymous said...

Jake Gardner killing himself is the same scenario I used to put Trump on suicide watch.Now unless a deal has already been made,where DJT does not have to go to prison,I believe the mindset of Trump would be the same as Gardners at some point:Utter panic at going to prison and desperation to avoid it.How serious is the commie government in wanting to "lock him up" and how much of this indictment by Jack Smith is to purely force Trump out of the presidential race?

I don't know the answer here and now,but assuming Smith wants blood,the unfortunate conclusion that I speak of,has to be watched for--especially nearing verdict day.


Anonymous said...

Wikipedia describes Scurlock as a "protester". But I don't think he's dead because he was just "protesting".

This article has a photo of what the "protesters" did to the bar Gardner operated:

The "protesters" probably did the same to other Omaha businesses.

Anonymous said...

The father of Jake was a senior citizen, slight in build, just had gotten out of cancer treatment. But was attacked by thugs protecting his property. The son was within his rights to defend himself and the father. This negro special prosecutor special all right. Special at being dumb.

A person being attacked by someone placing them in a chokehold can reasonably infer the attacker means to kill them.

Anonymous said...

"Special at being dumb."

He's black so yeah he probably isn't very intelligent.

But his stupidity had nothing to do with him pushing charges against Gardner via a GJ. It was racial malice. He was never interested in "justice". There's a huge difference.