Tuesday, June 27, 2023

san fran: White self-extinction project cont’d, as fambly of hate crime victim demand that authorities issue racist, dusky killer a free murder

By “W”
tuesday, june 27, 2023 at 05:07:59 p.m. edt

san fran: white self-extinction project cont’d as fambly don't want dusky killer jailed



Anonymous said...

The "friend" looks dyke-ish--was the vic?

"We should not be defined by the worst thing we ever did," said the dyke-ish like friend.How about the second worst--or the third,the fourth or the fifth worst?The sixth,seventh,eighth,ninth,
tenth worst thing?What if those ten,twenty,thirty,forty,fifty,sixty or more "worst things" you did,outnumbered the good thing(s)you did by a ratio of 100-1?

Convict and sentence to as many years possible--taking into account his criminal history(which is probably already full of "worst things".

I rest my case.


Anonymous said...

"san fran"

Oakland, not SF. Oakland is across the bay from SF. Her bakery Angel Cakes was in Oakland and she was killed in Oakland.

The gist of this story is months old. It's in the news again now because they only recently caught one of those involved. She was killed on Feb 6, and similar requests from her relations and friends about what should and should not happen to the perp were made and reported back then. They probably had a description and knew they were black.

More AWFL nonsense. Natural female empathy hijacked and misdirected by media propaganda about "minorities" and crime, the causes of it and what should be done about it. It's a civilizational crisis and will get worse as women come to dominate the legal system.